Remnant 2: Best Solo Player Archetypes, Ranked

Remnant 2: Best Solo Player Archetypes, Ranked

Remnant 2: The Best Classes for Solo Players

Gunfire Games’ latest release, Remnant 2, has taken the gaming world by storm, soaring to the top of the Steam charts and conquering consoles worldwide. This game is poised to usher in a new era of Soulslike gaming with its vast and ever-changing worlds, formidable enemies, and challenging dungeons. With multiple character classes to choose from, Remnant 2 offers a plethora of experiences in one epic, highly-replayable title.

Remnant 2

While Remnant 2 is optimized for co-op play, solo players need to approach character selection with a different mindset. Choosing the right class becomes crucial in the absence of a companion. So, here are the top options for solo players who are ready to combat the Root Infection on their own.

8. Alchemist

A secret Archetype with the ability to provide elixirs that enhance various traits and statistics, the Alchemist is a master of magical brews and concoctions. While supporting teammates with boosts in attack, defense, and other facets of gameplay proves beneficial, the Alchemist falls short when playing solo. Its real strength lies in helping others, making it more suitable for cooperative play.

7. Summoner

The Summoner is a unique Archetype capable of summoning a small army of Root beasts to aid in combat. While this sounds enticing, the cost of summoning these beasts can significantly impede a player’s chance of survival without a comrade. Depending on the skill used, summoning allies may cost a percentage of the player’s overall health. This vulnerability puts the Summoner in a lower echelon when it comes to solo gameplay.

6. Explorer

The Explorer may not have impressive offensive or defensive capabilities, but it excels in acquiring rare and unique items. With enhanced item-finding abilities and the Golddigger Prime Perk, the Explorer’s strength lies in supporting teammates with greater combat skills. Though collecting rare items can boost the Explorer’s loadout, it may struggle when standing alone against the challenges of Remnant 2.

5. Challenger

The Challenger, a hard-hitting close-quarters combat specialist, brings brutal blunt force trauma to the game. This Archetype shines in durability, making it difficult to defeat. Additionally, its Die Hard Prime Perk grants a free revival upon being knocked down. However, the Challenger’s offensive abilities from a distance are limited. Taking on enemies or bosses that don’t engage in close-quarters combat can prove more challenging for this class.

4. Hunter

The Hunter excels at long-range combat and stealth. Equipped with the necessary tools to remain hidden and pick off enemies from a distance, it becomes the perfect option for solo players who prefer a lone ranger playstyle. However, the Hunter may struggle when confronted with close-quarters combat, such as in dungeons or confined spaces.

3. Gunslinger

The Gunslinger, a Western-style character reminiscent of a cowboy, is one of the most popular secret Archetypes in Remnant 2. Armed with a revolver, it excels at producing high-damage gunfire at an incredibly fast rate while managing ammunition supplies efficiently. This Archetype is a well-rounded offensive option and an ideal choice for solo players. Its main limitation lies in durability and limited healing options, ranking it just below the best of the bunch.


2. Medic

Remnant 2 can be brutal and unforgiving, making the management of health crucial for survival. The Medic Archetype specializes in healing and is an effective choice for both solo and co-op gameplay. Its regeneration skills make it stand out as the best option for solo players. In addition to its healing abilities, the Medic can hold its own in combat thanks to its strong starter weapons.

1. Handler

Even without its skillset, the Handler stands out because of the canine companion accompanying it throughout the game. This Archetype allows players to face the trials and tribulations of Remnant 2 with a furry best friend by their side. The dog provides additional offense, attracts enemy attention as a diversion, and can revive the player when downed. While not technically a “solo” character, the Handler brings the perks of co-op play to those who prefer to take on the game alone.


Remnant 2 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Whether you choose to team up or go it alone, these class options will help you navigate the world of Remnant 2 and rid it of the Root Infection. Happy gaming!

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