Remnant 2: Class Tier List

Remnant 2: Class Tier List

Remnant 2 Archetypes: Survive and Thrive!

S Tier

Greetings fellow Remnant 2 warriors! Brace yourselves for the ultimate battle against the Root infection, because this highly-anticipated sequel is here to blow your mind and test your skills like never before. Get ready to dive into a world filled with challenging enemies and breathtaking worlds. But before you embark on this epic adventure, let’s take a moment to explore the different Archetypes available in Remnant 2 and see which ones will help you conquer this game!

S Tier – “The Best of the Best”

Handler: Man’s Best Friend to the Rescue!


These furry friends will surely steal your heart and save your skin in Remnant 2! The Handler Archetype brings along a loyal canine companion, who will not only revive you when you’re down but also attract the attention of enemies, giving you more time to strike back. With their impressive health regeneration rate, these dogs are practically invincible. So, get ready for some serious “pawsitive” support!

Medic: Heal ’Em Up, Baby!

Being a Medic in Remnant 2 is like having a guardian angel watching over you. With their incredible healing skills, Medics are lifesavers for anyone struggling to survive. They can restore health not only to themselves but also to their fellow players. Just imagine, a Healing Spring that covers a 3-meter radius, regenerating health for everyone in its embrace! Plus, they can summon a Healing Shield and unleash a shockwave of Redemption to revive allies. Who needs a doctor when you’ve got a Medic by your side?

A Tier – Stand Strong!

A Tier

Gunslinger: Quick Draw, Deadly Aim!

If raw damage is your game, the Gunslinger Archetype is your claim to fame! With lightning-fast reloads and ammo preservation skills, Gunslingers excel at dealing massive amounts of damage. Their Loaded perk instantly reloads both weapons and grants infinite reserve ammo for a few seconds. Just keep that trigger finger itchy and let the bullets fly!

Hunter: Stealthy, Deadly, Game On!

Feeling like a ninja in Remnant 2? The Hunter Archetype specializes in long-range combat and stealthy strategies. With their sharpshooting skills and the ability to mark enemies, Hunters can pick off adversaries one by one while staying hidden in the shadows. And if you’re looking for that extra oomph, their Prime Perk, Dead To Rights, deals devastating weak spot damage while extending their active skills. So, practice your aim and become the invisible predator you were born to be!

B Tier – Solid Choices!

B Tier

Challenger: Up Close and Personal!

For those who love to dive headfirst into the thick of battle, the Challenger Archetype is here to satisfy your thirst for close-quarters combat. With heavy armor and even heavier weapons, Challengers can take a beating and dish out devastating blows. Their Die Hard perk provides a second chance when the going gets tough, and their skills enhance fire rate, movement speed, and resilience. So, gear up, charge in, and make your enemies regret ever crossing your path!

Alchemist: The Support You’ve Been Waiting For!

Not every hero needs to be the star of the show. Sometimes, supporting your teammates is just as important. Enter the Alchemist Archetype, a master of potions and concoctions that can buff the offensive and defensive capabilities of their fellow players. While not the most offensive powerhouse, Alchemists shine in a team setting, making the journey easier for everyone. So, grab your potions, mix some magic, and let your teammates bask in the glory of your support!

C Tier – Dare to Differentiate!

C Tier

Summoner: Command Your Minions!

Are you the type who prefers to delegate tasks? The Summoner Archetype is your go-to choice. With the power to summon a squad of minions, you can sit back and let your underlings do the dirty work. Sacrificing some health to summon Hollows, Flyers, or Reavers, these minions will fight by your side. However, be careful, as summoning comes at a cost, leaving you vulnerable and in need of a Medic or a relic charger.

Explorer: Finders, Keepers!

Speed is the name of the game for the Explorer Archetype. While not the most offensive or durable class, Explorers excel at finding rare items that can boost your character’s abilities. Their Prime Perk, Lucky, increases the chances of finding valuable items, while their ability to salvage goods can prove quite lucrative. So, if you have an insatiable appetite for rare loot, the Explorer is your ticket to treasure!

Remnant 2 is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Get ready to embrace the challenges that await you, choose your Archetype wisely, and conquer the Root infection like a true champion!

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