Remnant 2: Defeating the Final Boss Guide

Remnant 2: Defeating the Final Boss Guide

How to Slay Annihilation – Remnant 2 Boss Guide

Remnant 2: Annihilation Boss Fight

After countless adventures in the fantastical world of Remnant 2, where players embarked on a thrilling hunt for mysterious objects alongside Clementine and the Keeper, the ultimate challenge awaits – Annihilation, the colossal wooden dragon! Brace yourselves, because this boss fight is no walk in the park, but fear not! I’m here to spill the secrets on how to conquer this monstrosity and emerge victorious.

Annihilation Unleashed!

Annihilation is as brutal as it is imposing. Its onslaught of attacks can leave you gasping for breath and disoriented. Even on the lowest difficulty setting, this boss will give you a run for your money. But fear not, my valiant gamers! Once you grasp a few vital aspects of its moveset, this dragon will tremble beneath your feet.

Decoding Annihilation’s Moves

To triumph over any boss, understanding their moves is key, and Annihilation is no exception. Although its attacks may seem chaotic, they are surprisingly well-telegraphed. After a few rounds of intense combat, you will begin to decipher the boss’s attack patterns. Remember, friends, preserve your sanity and consciously memorize these moves rather than panicking. Here is a breakdown of Annihilation’s attacks:

Phase 1

Attack Description
Sword Stab Annihilation slams its sword before stabbing downward, often chaining up to three times. Beware of the energy orbs spawned if you fail to shoot them down!
Ground Slam Annihilation pounds the ground, unleashing cascades of energy waves towards the player.
Sword Rush The boss lunges, attempting to impale the player with its massive sword.

Phase 2

Attack Description
Sword Swipe Annihilation moves to one side of the arena, preparing to sweep the floor with its sword. Lightning strikes accompany this attack, followed by a menacing Tentacle Slam.
Tentacle Slam Watch out for the tentacles! Annihilation’s mighty power causes them to crash in your direction. If the boss slams its own tentacle, a Blight cloud will envelope your location.
Glitch Annihilation loves to keep you on your toes by swapping between its two forms, leaving you disoriented. Don’t fall for its tricks!

Hints for a Triumphant Victory

Now that we’ve dissected Annihilation’s moves, here are some tips to make this boss fight feel like a waltz instead of a death metal mosh pit:

  • Hunter’s Mark: Keep this clever skill active throughout the entire battle if you’ve chosen the Hunter as your main Archetype. Score those Weakspot hits, and you’ll be in good shape.
  • Listen for the Swipe: Annihilation’s sword swipes come with a distinct sound cue, making them easy to dodge. Time your moves accordingly!
  • Keep Calm and Stay Put: Avoid excessive movement. The battleground is limited, and panic-rolling might lead you straight into the boss’s lightning pillars and tentacles. Not a good idea, trust me.
  • Orb Obliteration: Prioritize shooting down the orbs spawned by Sword Stab. These cheeky projectiles can easily one-shot you if they all connect. If you’re a Gunslinger, you’ll have a blast!
  • Choose Your Weapon Wisely: Opt for a mid-long-range weapon. Shotguns may not deliver their maximum damage regularly against this boss without some help from trinkets.
  • Center Stage: During the second phase, stay in the middle of the arena to avoid those pesky tentacle attacks. It’s the safest spot to be.
  • Dodge That Lightning: Lightning strikes in the second phase come in waves. For a smoother experience, position yourself near the second or third row of lightning coils. Trust me, it pays off.
  • Calling All Challengers: If all else fails, consider embracing the Challenger as your main Archetype. Its one-time revive passive could be the ace up your sleeve.

Remember, dear gamers, victory is within your grasp! Go forth, slay Annihilation, and bask in the glory of your triumph! Remnant 2 awaits your heroic deeds on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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