Remnant 2: Faelin World Boss Guide

Remnant 2: Faelin World Boss Guide

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Losomn, one of the three randomized areas in Remnant 2, offers two different storylines, depending on where you spawn. If you find yourself in a palace area, you’ll need two masks to open the main door. Once that’s done, you can choose to face either Faelin or Faerin. The decision is yours, my adventurous friend!

If you’re up for a charismatic challenge, you can find Faelin in the Beatific Palace area. Be warned, though—defeating Faelin won’t be a walk in the park. This boss has a bag full of tricks and three phases of relentless attacks. Dodging them won’t be child’s play either. It’s like trying to dodge a flying fruitcake during a family dinner!

Where To Find Faelin

Faelin Dashing

To track down Faelin, you must first spawn in the palace entrance when you enter the Losomn area. If you didn’t get this starting point, you have two options. Either you reroll your entire campaign (which means permanent deletion of all your progress)—ouch! Or you can try your luck by rerolling the world in Adventure Mode until Faelin shows up. The choice is yours, my determined gamer!

Once you get the required start, the adventure begins. You’ll have to venture through several areas to obtain two masks. These mystical masks are the key to opening the main door at the palace entrance. But wait! Don’t rush in just yet, my friend. If you open the door right away, you’ll end up facing Faerin. To meet Faelin, make sure to use the lever on the mask circle. It’s like pulling a secret lever to unveil a hidden treasure chest! Voila!

How To Defeat Faelin

Shooting at Faelin’s Head

In the realm of Remnant 2, every enemy has a weak spot—an Achilles Heel, if you will. For Faelin, that weak spot happens to be his head. Yes, you heard it right! Show that charismatic boss who’s the boss by aiming for his not-so-well-protected head. Shoot at it with all your might, and you’ll witness those beautiful red damage numbers pop up. It’s like watching a fireworks show on a summer night!

As you step onto the battlefield, you’ll notice the ample space at your disposal. Your mobility is your greatest ally, at least until you reach the second and third phases. Stay light on your feet, my friend, because when Faelin gets up close and personal, he hits hard! To minimize your chances of getting squashed like a tomato in a panini press, I recommend keeping a safe distance. Pro tip: Buy a ticket to the “Distance Express” and take the last car.

Remember, Faelin changes phases when his health reaches the 50% and 25% marks. It’s like watching a magic show unfold right before your eyes, except instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, Faelin pulls out new and more dangerous tricks. Stay on your toes, keep your cool, and most importantly, don’t forget to breathe!

Once you’ve emerged victoriously from this exhilarating battle, your rewards await. Prepare to claim the Imposter’s Heart and Segment as tokens of your triumph! Don’t forget to swing by Faerin back on the other side of the palace. He’s got something special for you—Faerin’s Sigil ring. Finally, take the Imposter’s Heart to McCabe, the crafting guru, and unlock the magnificent Deceit Long Gun with its Ouroboros mod. It’s like being a kid in a candy store, but with guns instead of candy!

Faelin Attack Pattern

Faelin’s Slashing Sword

Ah, the infamous Faelin and his knack for flashy attacks. Brace yourself, my friend, for an onslaught of close-range, long-range, and summoning attacks. Accepting defeat a few times might be a part of your Faelin-fighting initiation—every experienced gamer has been there. But worry not! With time and practice, you’ll dissect Faelin’s attack pattern like a master surgeon with a butter knife.

First Phase: Faelin loves showing off his melee skills during this phase. He’ll march right up to you and unleash a flurry of sword slashes. One, two, or even three slashes at a time! So nimble, yet so predictable. Remember, a well-timed dash is your best friend when it comes to dodging these sword acrobatics. Oh, and keep an eye out for those pesky white orbs he summons. They might look innocent, but don’t underestimate their projectile-spewing abilities. Give them a good whack, and they’ll think twice before bothering you again.

Second Phase: Our charismatic friend Faelin likes to keep things interesting. In the second phase, he covers himself in a white aura and turns into an ascendant acrobat. While you can’t damage him during this ethereal transformation, your focus should be elsewhere. Gigantic swords rain from the sky like a symphony of destruction, but worry not, dear gamer! Seek safety by sprinting towards the entrance of the boss room. Let those swords crash where you aren’t! Oh, and watch out for Faelin’s fancy move where he calls the swords back up and slams them into the ground. That’s a real showstopper!

Third Phase: Brace yourself for a complete change in Faelin’s fighting style. He transforms into a white cloud, teasing you with his ghostly presence. It feels like a game of hide-and-seek, except instead of children, you have a formidable adversary. As swords materialize in the sky near your location, it becomes a race against time to find a safe path. Avoid the falling swords like a cat dodging raindrops until you reach an area unscathed. When Faelin emerges from his cloudy sanctuary, he’ll perform a sneaky attack—audio cues are your best friends here. Keep your eyes to the sky, your ears open, and don’t let those pesky swords or Faelin’s mischievous movements catch you off guard. And watch out for those white orbs forming a square pattern on the ground—they relentlessly rain down projectiles in a confined area. It’s like an art installation in a battlefield!

You did it! You made it through the relentless waves of Faelin’s attacks. Remember, my intrepid gamer, practice makes perfect. With each attempt, you’ll grow wiser, stronger, and braver. So fear not the challenges that Remnant 2 throws your way, for you are the hero of your own gaming odyssey!

Stay tuned for more thrilling boss guides like this one. Next up, we’ll delve into the treacherous world of The Corrupted Ravager. Brace yourselves for an adventure like no other!

Note: This article is for entertainment purposes only. The recommended strategies are based on personal experience and gaming expertise. Results may vary. Please consult your gaming instincts for the best experience.