Remnant 2: Faerin World Boss Guide’ condensed.

Remnant 2: Faerin World Boss Guide' condensed.

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If you enter the Losomn area in Remnant 2 and start at the Beatific Palace, you’re in for a wild ride. You’ll face a tough decision between two final bosses, but let me tell you, Faerin is the real deal. This guy brings some extra attacks to the table, making your battle a true test of skill.

But before we dive into the details, let me remind you that the story won’t change based on your choice of boss. However, the loot you’ll get from Faerin is different, so choose wisely!

Where To Find Faerin

Remnant 2 Main Character with Faerin

To find Faerin, you’ll need to start at the Beatific Palace entrance. Take the elevator down and grab a mask and a quill. This quill is your ticket to exploring the town areas in Losomn. But first, you’ll have to face a boss named Gwendil. Defeat Gwendil, and you’ll find yourself back at the palace, only this time it’s called Malefic. Here, you’ll discover the second mask that unlocks the final boss room. Exciting, right?

How To Defeat Faerin

Remnant 2 Faerin Looking Proud

Now, let’s talk strategy. Faerin may be a tough nut to crack, but with the right approach, you’ll come out on top. Aim for his head to deal maximum damage. Unfortunately, you can’t just walk up to him and give him a good whack with your melee weapon. He’s a tall fella, so you’ll have to rely on your trusty ranged weapons.

When you hit Faerin’s weak spot, you’ll see the damage numbers in red, signifying a perfect hit. But be warned, Faerin is as agile as a cat on a hot tin roof. He’ll try to dodge your attacks, but fear not! The battleground is spacious, giving you plenty of room to maneuver. And unlike his counterpart Faelin, Faerin’s attacks won’t restrict your mobility as much.

Defeating Faerin comes with some sweet rewards. You’ll get the Melded Hilt, a powerful item that McCabe can use to forge the legendary Melee weapon called Godsplitter. And don’t forget to have a chat with Faelin in the Beatific Gallery. She’ll hook you up with Faelin’s Sigil ring.

Faerin Attack Pattern

Remnant 2 Shooting Faerin’s White Orb

Now, let’s break down Faerin’s attack pattern. Just like his Beatific counterpart, Faerin has three phases. He switches to the next phase when his health drops below 50% and 25%. Brace yourself for some epic showdowns!

First Phase

Remnant 2 Faerin Phase One Orb Attack

In the first phase, Faerin is a master of both short and long-range combat. If he’s up close and personal, he’ll unleash a flurry of sword slashes that can catch you off guard. Watch out for his charged attack, which can be a real pain to dodge.

When Faerin keeps his distance, he’ll summon orbs or trap you in a white aura that pulls you towards him. The orbs can either float around or perch on Faerin’s shoulders. Take them out to weaken his attacks. And if he spawns groups of orbs, position yourself between them to stay safe.

Second Phase

Remnant 2 Faerin Rising in the Sky

Once Faerin’s health hits the halfway mark, he’ll surround himself with a white aura, making him temporarily invulnerable. During this time, he summons giant swords from the sky that deal area-of-effect damage. Stick close to the entrance door to dodge the initial onslaught.

After that, Faerin continues his attacks from the first phase while adding a new twist. He’ll slam the swords on the ground randomly, so keep an eye out and move away when they start to rise.

Third Phase

Remnant 2 Faerin Phase Three Attack

In the final phase, Faerin becomes even more relentless. He summons swords at random locations in the sky, and there’s no safe spot to hide. But fear not, my brave gamer! Listen closely for audio cues that signal his devastating attacks. Dodge at the right moment to avoid taking massive damage. Beware of the small white orb field he can summon, as it restricts your movement in certain areas.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, go forth and conquer Faerin! And don’t forget to check out our guide on how to farm Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2.

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