Remnant 2: Imperial Gardens Puzzles

Remnant 2: Imperial Gardens Puzzles

Remnant 2: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Imperial Gardens

Remnant 2 introduces a plethora of remarkably distinct dungeons that will leave players awe-inspired. Among them, the Imperial Gardens in Yaesha takes the cake with its captivatingly overgrown scenery and mind-boggling puzzles that remain invisible to the untrained eye.

Thankfully, these puzzles, though testing your patience, are not excessively complicated. But get ready to stretch those virtual legs, because a great deal of walking lies ahead. Join me on this guide as we uncover the secrets and loot hidden within the Imperial Gardens of Remnant 2.

How to Unlock the Mighty Crossbow

The first puzzle you’ll likely stumble upon relates to the coveted Crossbow, a beloved weapon from the first Remnant game that retains its formidable strength. This legendary weapon lies concealed within one of the grand structures at the heart of the map. To claim it, you must break open the enigmatic Imperial Garden Plinth.

Now, for those seasoned adventurers who have braved The Lament, this task will feel familiar. Locate four enigmatic symbols scattered throughout the map. Once found, position them upon the Plinth, opening the gateway to a hatch leading down.

Keep your eyes peeled for the four potential symbol locations highlighted on the map. Remember, these symbols rotate between instances, so record them diligently before proceeding to the central building. Once the hatch emerges from the depths, seize your moment and snatch the Crossbow, accompanied by a treasure chest brimming with valuable resources.

Remnant 2 Imperial Gardens Symbols

The Elusive Bell Tower Puzzle

Prepare for a challenge concealed within a corner of the Imperial Garden. At the far end of the map, a bell tower silently stands, beckoning you to uncover its secrets. Ascend the tower using the elevator, seize the ringing prize, and descend back to the ground floor. But here’s where things get interesting.

As you step onto the descending elevator, meticulously observe the radiant blue symbols adorning the elevator shaft. Distance yourself from the tower, and, behold, four distinct symbols will grace the tower’s surface. Memorize them, my friend, for you shall soon encounter a devious illusion concealed amongst the initial set of stairs.

Enter the four symbols into the hidden Plinth, revealing a door before you. Beyond that door lies the legendary Blooming Heart, a Relic that bestows healing orbs upon brave adventurers amidst their perilous battles.

Toppling the Mighty Mantagora

While not precisely a cerebral puzzle, the Imperial Gardens harbors a fearsome boss known as Mantagora—a colossal manta ray with a penchant for lobbing explosives at unsuspecting players. Unveiling an unconventional twist, this monstrous foe refrains from launching its offensive until the first strike against it.

You’ll catch glimpses of Mantagora gracefully soaring beneath the Imperial Gardens. Occasionally, it will ascend towards the colossal tree at the map’s outset. Deliver a single, well-aimed shot, and the confrontation commences. Unleash your full arsenal upon this sturdy adversary, persistently chipping away at its health bar. Beware, though, as Mantagora tends to linger just out of reach, evading most conventional weaponry.

To ensure victory, I recommend embarking on this furious battle early in your dungeon exploration. This strategy ensures a steady supply of ammunition from the foes that still roam the map. Defeating the mighty Mantagora will reward you with the coveted Momentum Mutator, empowering your critical hits with increased damage and chance.

So gather your comrades and prepare to conquer each enigma veiled within the Imperial Gardens of Remnant 2, available from July 25th on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.


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