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Remnant 2 Review' - GameTopic

Remnant 2: The Killer Sequel

When it comes to game sequels, it’s often the second attempt that really hits the jackpot. Following in the footsteps of greats like Borderlands 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2, Remnant 2 takes the original and cranks it up to eleven. It’s smoother, more satisfying, and downright addictive. The combat is top-notch, the loot and buildcrafting have been greatly improved, and the boss fights… oh, the boss fights! They’re a complete revamp, ditching the spongy bosses and endless waves of minions in favor of epic showdowns that will leave you breathless. And let’s not forget the best part: the procedurally generated levels. They’re even better this time around, with endless possibilities and secrets to uncover. Seriously, I lost half a day just exploring one area. It’s safe to say that Remnant 2 proves that when it comes to games, the sequel is where the magic happens.

Dark Souls with Guns and a Whole Lot More

If you loved the original Remnant for its “Dark Souls with guns” vibe, then Remnant 2 will blow you away. It’s a nod of violent agreement to that characterization, with gloriously hazardous areas packed with devilish enemies who won’t hesitate to put you in your place. But Remnant 2 doesn’t stop there. It takes all the best parts of co-op looter shooters like Borderlands and Outriders and mixes them in with its own unique twists. The result is a game that combines the addictive challenge of a soulslike with the deep loot grind and buildcrafting of the best shooters out there. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate, only with more shooting monsters in the face and getting murdered by blobs of sentient meat. What’s not to love?

A Multiversal Adventure with Some Ups and Downs

The story of Remnant 2 takes you to a post-apocalyptic Earth where evil trees called The Root are trying to take over the multiverse. Yeah, it’s super weird. But hey, it sets the stage for some epic looter-shooter action. While the main story may not have much impact on your character, the different worlds you explore are a completely different story. Each world has its own bite-sized storylines that are expertly told and far more compelling than the main quest. From a high-fantasy murder mystery to helping a huge Gundam Wing-looking robot recover his lost cargo, these side stories will keep you hooked. It’s just a shame that the main story and characters often ramble on without really capturing your interest. But hey, who needs an epic narrative when you can shoot alien lobsters in the thorax?

A Combat Experience That Never Gets Old

The combat in Remnant 2 is an absolute blast. Every second is a dance of shooting, dodging, and using your abilities to take down relentless enemies. And thanks to the different worlds you travel to, each with their own unique feel and enemies, the combat never gets stale. Whether you’re battling violent robots in a sci-fi realm or fighting cockney elves in a fantasy forest, the stark contrasts make each encounter memorable. Sure, there might be some repetition with enemy types, but the constant progression and variety of new areas quickly wash away any feelings of monotony. And let’s not forget the boss fights. Remnant 2 has mastered the art of boss battles, with a perfect balance of difficulty, mechanics, and downright epic moments. From battling a mad boss that drives you insane to fighting a haunted house that wants to scratch your face off, these encounters are simply unforgettable. In fact, I might just have a new favorite boss fight in any game. It’s that good.

Buildcrafting at Its Finest

If you’re a fan of optimizing your character builds, then Remnant 2 is a dream come true. The archetypes, or classes, are the most significant and exciting choices you’ll make. But here’s the best part: you can switch archetypes at will and even equip a second one midway through the campaign. The possibilities for synergy and experimentation are endless. And it doesn’t stop there. With a ton of weapons, rings, amulets, and armor to collect and customize, you can create the perfect build for your playstyle. The possibilities are endless, and the loot grind never gets old. Well, except for the armor. Unfortunately, the armor customization is a bit underwhelming, but it’s a small price to pay for the incredible combat and buildcrafting experience Remnant 2 has to offer.

Endless Replayability in a Multiverse of Possibilities

One of the most impressive aspects of Remnant 2 is its procedurally generated levels, storylines, and sidequests. Each run feels different, with dramatically diverse worlds and quests to discover. You could play through the game multiple times and never have the same experience. And even if you’ve “completed” a world, you can reroll it at any time for a fresh set of quests and possibilities. The replayability is off the charts. And if you’re looking for some co-op fun, you can hop into a friend’s world and see how their experience differs from yours. Just be aware that co-op play can have some performance issues and questionable enemy scaling. But overall, it’s a fantastic way to experience the game with friends. So get ready to embark on a multiversal adventure filled with surprises and excitement.

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