Remnant 2: Small Improvements That Take the Sequel to the Next Level

Remnant 2: Small Improvements That Take the Sequel to the Next Level

Remnant 2: The Sequel You’ve Been Waiting For!

The highly-anticipated sequel to the ‘Souslike-with-guns’ classic, Remnant: From the Ashes, is finally here in the form of Remnant 2. And let me tell you, it’s not just a simple rehash of the first game with a few tweaks. Remnant 2 is like a whole new world of awesomeness!

What’s New in Remnant 2?

The developers at Gunfire Games have really outdone themselves with this sequel. They took everything that worked (and didn’t work) in the first game and made significant improvements. Let’s delve into some of the small-but-mighty changes that make Remnant 2 stand out.

8. Unlimited Stamina Outside Of Combat

Unlimited Stamina

Sprinting around in the first game was a bit of a drag. Players had to constantly manage their stamina while searching for loot, even if there were no enemies around. But in Remnant 2, the developers heard our cries and completely fixed this issue. Now, as long as you’re not in combat, sprinting is free and unlimited. It’s like having your own personal Olympic sprinter!

7. Focus On Quantity Over Quality With Boss Fights

Boss Fight

Boss fights in the first game sometimes felt more like wave survival than epic one-on-one battles. But fear not! In Remnant 2, the developers have upped their boss game. They’ve given each boss unique gimmicks and specific strategies, so you won’t spend 80% of the fight dealing with mindless mobs. Prepare for some unforgettable encounters with the likes of the Corrupter/Pan Guardian in Yaesha and the Labyrinth Sentinel!

6. Secrets Are Even More Secretive


Exploring secrets and uncovering hidden treasures was one of the highlights of the first game. Well, get ready for even more mind-boggling puzzles and hidden content in Remnant 2! The developers have taken the replayability factor to a whole new level. The Archon Archetype secret and unlock method alone will make your brain tingle with excitement. It’s like cracking the Da Vinci Code, but with more guns and monsters!

5. They Made A Starting Class With A Dog

Starting Class

Who let the dogs out? Remnant 2 did! For all the Very Good Boy enthusiasts out there, rejoice! The Handler Archetype lets you have a loyal canine companion by your side throughout your entire adventure. And if you’re a summoner at heart, this sequel has got you covered too. The summon-based playstyle is not only viable but also a bit overpowered. Prepare for some epic battles with your trusty furry sidekick!

4. Removing Armor Set Bonuses For More Fashion

Armor Sets

Fashionistas, unite! In Remnant 2, your style choices are no longer limited by set bonuses. You still have different armor pieces with unique defenses, resistances, and weight, but you’re free to mix and match to your heart’s desire. Say goodbye to the days of sacrificing fashion for stats. Now you can slay monsters and look fabulous while doing it!

3. NPC Writing Improvements Overall


The NPCs in Remnant 2 are a whole new breed. They not only have a more significant impact on the story but also feel more alive and dynamic. You’ll find them immersed in various tasks, from tinkering with machines to tending the forge and even watering the garden. And let’s not forget the nostalgia factor. Talking to NPCs in Ward 13 will give you a full recap of all the major events from the first game. It’s like catching up with old friends!

2. Player Builds Only Benefit From The New Archetype System


Say hello to the Archetype system! It gives your character a unique and recognizable identity for your chosen build. Dual-Archetype builds, more armor sets, and additional levels of complexity with Mutators provide endless possibilities for creative experimentation. Building your perfect character has never been more satisfying. Get ready to unleash your inner gaming genius!

1. Changes To Scrap Farming With Breakable Objects

Scrap Farming

Let’s talk about breakable objects in Remnant: From the Ashes. Smashing pots and grabbing scrap was an easy way to earn a few extra pennies. But it also led to some repetitive gameplay loops. Well, the sequel has shaken things up. While the overall amount of scrap might be slightly reduced, you’ll need to earn it the old-fashioned way—by slaying monsters and conquering bosses. It’s time to put your combat skills to the test!

Remnant 2 is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Get ready for an epic gaming experience like no other!

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