Remnant 2: Unlocking the Summoner Archetype

Remnant 2: Unlocking the Summoner Archetype

Unlocking the Summoner Archetype in Remnant II: Become a Callous Caster and Command the Undead!

Are you ready to unleash chaos upon your foes in Remnant II? The Summoner archetype is a pet class that lets you control and sacrifice minions, just like a mischievous necromancer. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on how to unlock this wicked archetype and start wreaking havoc!

Step 1: Hunt Down Bloodmoon Essence in Yaesha

The first step to unlocking the Summoner archetype is locating 15 Bloodmoon Essence. These elusive orbs can only be found in Yaesha during a blood moon. Keep an eye out for the floating pinkish-red orbs and shoot them down! They’re as plentiful as squirrels in a park, so go nuts and gather as many as you can. Besides, you’ll need them for crafting other handy items too.

Step 2: Seek Out the Mysterious Bloodmoon Altar

Once you have your paws on 15 Bloodmoon Essence, your next task is to find the enigmatic Bloodmoon Altar. These altars pop up in random spots around Yaesha, so take this as an invitation to embark on an exciting exploration spree! To make things easier, these altars are marked as blue stones on your map. So when you’re close, keep your eyes peeled for these marvelous monoliths.

Step 3: Strike a Bargain with the Merchant

Approach the Bloodmoon Altar and brace yourself for a transaction of supernatural proportions. The altar doubles as a merchant, offering useful items and armor pieces tailor-made for Summoners. But forget about all that for now; you’re here for the crown jewel, the glorious first item on the list – the Faded Grimoire! Secure it like Smaug would protect his treasure and prepare for the next step.

Step 4: Return to Ward 13 and Reunite with Wallace

Ah, Ward 13, our home away from home. Make your way back and seek out the one and only Wallace. You’ll find him relaxing at the dock, chilling like a villain in his little shack halfway up the stairs. You know him, he’s the NPC who bestowed upon you your very first archetype at the beginning of this epic journey.

Step 5: The Grand Exchange: Faded Grimoire for the Tome of the Bringer

In a moment of mystical exchange, hand over the precious Faded Grimoire to Wallace. As gracias gratitude for your magical offering, Wallace will reward you with the Tome of the Bringer. Hallelujah! Equip this powerful artifact on the Archetype page of your menu, and voila – you are now an official Summoner, ready to rock the realms with your undead entourage. Remember, you can use the Summoner as your primary or secondary archetype, so choose wisely to match your playstyle.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, you can also find out how to respec your trait points from Wallace himself. So while you’re hanging out, make sure to pick his brains for some trait-tweaking wisdom.

Now, go forth, Summoner! May your minions be mighty, and may your enemies quake in terror at the sight of your sinister sorcery. Happy summoning in Remnant II!