Resident Evil 4 Demake: Side-Scrolling Action with Kicks Galore!

Resident Evil 4 Demake: Side-Scrolling Action with Kicks Galore!

Demaking Resident Evil 4: Chainsaw Man Strikes Again!

Resident Evil 4

Leave it to a demake of Resident Evil 4 to remind us that the Chainsaw Man is just as bone-chilling in 2D as he is in the original! Prepare yourself for a pixelated nightmare as a dedicated fan recreates this survival-horror classic from a new side-scrolling perspective. Think SNES meets PlayStation era, with a terrifying twist.

Leon Kennedy: The Kickboxing Hero

Leon Kennedy

In this 2D demake, you’ll witness Leon Kennedy’s heart-pounding escape through the iconic Spanish village from the opening of Resident Evil 4. Armed with his trusty handgun and some nimble new moves, Leon is ready to roundhouse kick his way through hordes of rural town inhabitants. It’s survival of the fittest, and our hero is more flexible than ever!

A Doomish Demake

Doom Mod

Created using the power of a Doom mod called GZDoom, this 2D demake brings the terror of Resident Evil 4 to life in a whole new dimension. While the cinematics stay true to the original game, the action-packed gameplay will have you on the edge of your seat as you navigate the treacherous village.

When Can We Play?

Resident Evil Village Demake

Unfortunately, there’s no specific release date yet for the Resident Evil 4 demake. We’ll have to keep an eye on DooMero’s YouTube channel for updates and prepare ourselves for the horror that awaits us. This isn’t the first time the Resident Evil series has undergone this pixelated treatment. In 2021, a YouTuber named Hoolopee showcased a Resident Evil Village demake, reimagining the game for the beloved original PlayStation.

The Remake Train Keeps Rolling

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Earlier this year, Capcom released a highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 4, which surpassed 4 million copies sold in just two weeks. The success of this endeavor has fueled speculation about future Resident Evil remakes. Capcom wants to know what other terrifying adventures fans would like to see remade. The possibilities are endless!

So, if you’re ready to relive the horror of Resident Evil 4 in a brand new way, keep an eye out for DooMero’s demake and get ready to scream…in 2D!

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