Resident Evil: Top Duos

Resident Evil: Top Duos

Best Duos in the Resident Evil Universe

In the world of Resident Evil, finding the perfect partner is like finding a rare loot drop – it’s a combination of chemistry, friendship, and a touch of luck. Whether they’ve been friends for years or formed an instant connection, these duos make the Resident Evil series even more engaging and enjoyable to play. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic and memorable partnerships in the RE universe.

8. Claire Redfield & Moira Burton (RE Revelations 2)

Claire and Moira

After a fifteen-year hiatus, Claire Redfield returns as the protagonist in RE: Revelations 2. This time, instead of teaming up with Leon or Steve, Claire finds herself partnering with Moira Burton, Barry Burton’s daughter. Moira has grown up and joined TerraSave, a biohazard prevention agency, showing that she’s more than just a helpless girl. Together, Claire and Moira make a formidable team.

7. Rebecca Chambers & Billy Coen (RE Zero)

Rebecca and Billy

In Resident Evil Zero, Rebecca Chambers, a rookie member of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team, teams up with Billy Coen, a convict and former police officer. This dynamic duo switches between characters throughout the game, making use of their unique abilities to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Rebecca and Billy’s partnership proves that sometimes, opposites really do attract.

6. Chris Redfield & Sheva Alomar (RE5)

Chris and Sheva

Chris and Sheva’s partnership in Resident Evil 5 starts off strictly professional but gradually evolves into something deeper. As they fight off hordes of zombies, they also engage in conversations about politics and personal beliefs, creating a bond that goes beyond their mission. Their combat prowess and teamwork prove invaluable in saving Jill Valentine and defeating the infamous Albert Wesker.

5. Ethan Winters & The Duke (RE8)

Ethan and The Duke

In Resident Evil 8, Ethan Winters finds himself in a village where everyone seems to want him dead. Amidst the chaos, The Duke, a mysterious character, becomes Ethan’s unexpected ally. Initially at odds, they eventually develop a mutually beneficial relationship. The Duke provides Ethan with a safe haven to restock supplies, offering comfort and assistance in his grueling journey.

4. Leon Kennedy & Ashley Graham (RE4)

Leon and Ashley

Ashley, once a damsel in distress, undergoes a transformation in the RE4 remake. She becomes self-reliant and capable, standing by Leon’s side as they face unimaginable horrors. Their hilarious conversations throughout the game showcase their charming friendship, adding levity to the intense atmosphere. Despite Ashley’s crush on Leon, their teamwork is what truly makes them a dynamic duo.

3. Jill Valentine & Carlos Oliveira (RE3)

Jill and Carlos

In Resident Evil 3, Jill Valentine is initially reluctant to trust Carlos Oliveira, who works for Umbrella’s Biohazard Countermeasure Service. However, as they journey through Raccoon City, they learn to rely on each other and develop a bond of trust. Jill and Carlos constantly save each other’s lives, and it’s Carlos who plays a pivotal role in curing Jill of her infection, proving that their partnership is indispensable.

2. Leon Kennedy & Dog (RE4)

Leon and Dog

One of Leon Kennedy’s most helpful partners in the series isn’t even human. Leon encounters a dog in a bear trap and decides to help. In return, the dog joins forces with Leon, leading to an epic boss battle against El Gigante. Despite the language barrier, their teamwork speaks volumes, showing that trust and collaboration can overcome any obstacle.

1. Jill Valentine & Chris Redfield (RE1)

Jill and Chris

Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, both members of S.T.A.R.S., form the most iconic duo in Resident Evil. In the first game, their bond is evident as they search for each other, worried about each other’s safety. The lore and their time together on the Alpha team strengthen their friendship and make them a formidable team. Their partnership sets the standard for what it means to work together in the Resident Evil universe.

Bonus: Ethan Winters & Karl Heisenberg

Ethan and Heisenberg

While it may not have happened in the game, fans often speculate about the potential partnership between Ethan Winters and Karl Heisenberg in Resident Evil 8. Heisenberg’s eagerness to form an alliance with Ethan hints at the kind of dynamic team they could have become. Even though it didn’t come to fruition, their hypothetical pairing would undoubtedly have been legendary.

Resident Evil is filled with memorable duos that bring humor, chemistry, and teamwork to the forefront. These partnerships enhance the immersive experience and create unforgettable moments for players. Whether it’s fighting off hordes of zombies or solving intricate puzzles, these duos prove that a great partnership is the key to survival in the Resident Evil universe.