Secret Invasion Ep 5: Easter Eggs & References

Secret Invasion Ep 5: Easter Eggs & References

Secret Invasion Episode 5: Marvel Easter Eggs and Nick Fury’s Tricks

Captain Marvel

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, get ready for some thrilling Easter eggs in the latest episode of Secret Invasion on Disney Plus! In “The Harvest,” we delve deeper into Gravik’s devious plan while unraveling Nick Fury’s mysterious past. And boy, oh boy, does it open up a treasure trove of references to previous MCU chapters!

Since the jump, Fury has been adamant about not involving the Avengers against the Skrulls. In this episode, we discover why: he doesn’t want these shape-shifting aliens impersonating Earth’s mightiest heroes. But here’s the catch, folks. Gravik wants something even more valuable than pretending–he covets the Avengers’ DNA! Unfortunately for Gravik, Fury has some slick tricks up his tactical turtleneck. By the time Gravik caught wind of the “battle for Earth” codename, Fury had already hidden the precious DNA. Crafty move, Fury, but it seems Gravik is fixated on Captain Marvel’s DNA in particular. Can’t blame the Skrulls for having good taste!

Moving on, let’s talk about the DNA cocktail that Gravik managed to obtain. When Fury interrogates G’iah about it, we uncover an intriguing duo: Cull Obsidian and Flora Colossus a.k.a. Groot! Talos had already informed Fury about the Extremis within Gravik’s system, but now we witness the beastly strength of Obsidian and the arboreal prowess of Groot in action. These Skrulls mean serious business when it comes to battling their own kind!

However, there’s a notable absentee from G’iah’s list—Frost Beast DNA. Wait, what? Yep, we saw a glimpse of it on a computer screen in a previous episode, but Gravik is keeping this sample under wraps. We can only speculate what kind of icy mayhem this DNA could unleash upon the galaxy!

Rick Mason

When Fury needs a quick ticket to Finland, guess who comes to the rescue? It’s none other than our friendly pilot, Rick Mason! MCU fans might recognize him as Natasha Romanoff’s trusty ally from Black Widow. These two banter away as they take a trip down hellicarrier memory lane. Ah, the nostalgia of flying battleships and SHIELD’s mothball-filled storage units!

Speaking of Black Widow, remember those screen disguises that Natasha and Melina employed in the Red Room? Well, they finally have a name: Widow’s Veil. It turns out this slick technology originated in the Red Room, not with SHIELD as we once thought. And rumor has it, there’s an upgraded version floating around. Perhaps it’s time to unleash the full potential of this spy gadgetry!

Nick Fury’s Grave

Last but not least, let’s talk about Nick Fury’s graves. Yes, graves—plural! As fans eagerly observed in the trailer, the headstone shown in Captain America: The Winter Soldier had a peculiar discrepancy. Now, in the fifth episode of Secret Invasion, we learn the truth: Nick Fury has a habit of faking his own death. Can we really blame him? He is a master spy, after all. And it seems he has a knack for hiding secrets in graves, just like how Phil Coulson’s resurrection files were stashed away in an empty coffin in Agents of SHIELD. Talk about keeping things buried!

Exciting, isn’t it? The plot thickens, the Easter eggs abound, and we can’t wait to see what the next episode of Secret Invasion has in store for us. Catch new episodes every Wednesday on Disney Plus!

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