Why Peter Griffin is Making Waves in Fortnite

MacFarlane provided further explanation for why Peter is muscular.

Seth MacFarlane had zero clue about Fortnite until the Peter Griffin crossover.

🎮🤣 If you’ve ever wondered how Peter Griffin from Family Guy ended up in Fortnite, you’re not alone. Even the creator of the show, Seth MacFarlane, had no idea what Fortnite was before they approached him. But as soon as he learned about the game, he loved the idea of adding Peter to the island. 🌴💥

The official GameTopic YouTube channel recently interviewed MacFarlane, where he shared his thoughts on Peter’s Fortnite debut. When asked about it, he hilariously said, “It was great. I had to have somebody explain to me what the f**k Fortnite is. And then I said, well, that sounds kinda cool. Yeah, why not let’s do it.” 😂🤷‍♂️

But why did Fortnite decide to make Peter Griffin a playable character? According to MacFarlane, the game’s creators at Epic didn’t have the budget to create his actual body. Instead, they came up with the idea of a buff Peter Griffin for Chapter 5 Season 1. 🏋️‍♂️💪

Now, players can not only play as Peter Griffin but also fight him as a boss. And fans are loving the fact that they can take control of the iconic character from the beloved animated series. After defeating Peter in the game, he even performs the “hurt knee” move from Family Guy and drops some high-value gear. 😆💥

Q&A: What Else do Fortnite Players Want to Know?

Q: Are there any other famous crossovers happening in Fortnite?

A: Yes! Fortnite is known for its incredible crossovers with various iconic characters. In addition to Peter Griffin, you can also find characters like Superman, Batman, Kratos from God of War, and many more. The game is constantly surprising players with new and exciting collaborations.

Q: Can I unlock Peter Griffin for free or do I need to purchase him?

A: To play as Peter Griffin in Fortnite, you need to purchase the Chapter 5 Season 1 battle pass. With the battle pass, you’ll not only unlock Peter as a playable character but also gain access to exclusive cosmetics, challenges, and rewards throughout the season.

Q: Is there any special ability or power that Peter Griffin has in the game?

A: While Peter doesn’t have any unique abilities in Fortnite, his appearance as a boss adds an extra layer of fun to the game. Defeating him rewards players with valuable gear, and his signature “hurt knee” move is a hilarious nod to the Family Guy series.

Want More Fortnite Fun?

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Enjoy the thrill of playing as Peter Griffin and explore all the excitement Fortnite has to offer this season! Share your Fortnite experiences with us and let us know which crossover characters you’d like to see next. And remember, it’s all just fun and games… until Peter Griffin shows up! 😄🎮


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