Smite’s Final Days: Will Smite 2 Dominate the MOBA Genre?

Although Smite is a widely beloved and distinctive MOBA, recent announcements have raised uncertainty about the game's future. As a result, fans may want to start preparing for its eventual end.

Smite can’t avoid facing the Reaper for long

Since its arrival in 2014, the third-person MOBA game Smite has captivated players with its unique gameplay and diverse roster of gods and goddesses. However, its reign in the gaming world may be nearing its end. With the announcement of Smite 2 and the rise of competing online games, Smite may soon face a decline in popularity. In this article, we’ll explore the potential impact of Smite 2, the risks it poses to the original game, and the future of Smite’s content updates.

Smite 2 Puts Smite’s Future in Question

The release of Smite 2 is undoubtedly a major factor that could contribute to the decline of the original game. Titan Forge Games recently unveiled Smite 2 at the Smite World Championships, and it’s shaping up to be an exciting sequel. Built on Unreal Engine 5, Smite 2 promises to introduce new features, overhaul existing gods, and create a renewed gameplay experience. If executed well, it could revolutionize the MOBA genre. However, unlike other sequels that replace their predecessors, Smite 2 will coexist with the original game.

While this allows players to retain their hard-earned content, it also poses a significant risk. Having two games with the same concept from the same developer running simultaneously could lead to a divided fanbase. If Smite 2 fails to deliver as anticipated, players won’t have a compelling reason to make the switch. On the other hand, if Smite 2 becomes a massive success, players may quickly abandon the original game in favor of its successor.

The End of Smite’s Content Updates?

One crucial factor that could contribute to the decline of Smite is the eventual dwindling of content updates. Although Titan Forge Games has committed to keeping the original game alive, it’s unclear whether they will continue to invest substantial resources and updates once Smite 2 launches. With the sequel likely receiving all the newest content, the original game may be left untouched, resulting in a decline in player engagement. As the content stream dries up, both existing and new players may gravitate towards Smite 2 instead.

While Titan Forge Games’ dedication to the original game is commendable, it’s uncertain how long this commitment will last. Smite 2 is poised to dominate the spotlight, and most of the studio’s resources will likely shift towards its success. Though there may be some updates for the original game, their scale and content remain a mystery. It’s possible that these updates will simply follow the pattern of games like Diablo 3, relying on new seasons to keep the game running rather than adding substantial new content. As a result, Smite 2 will undoubtedly be the center of attention in the foreseeable future.

Q&A: What Readers Want to Know

Q: Will Smite completely shut down once Smite 2 is released? A: No, Smite 2 will coexist with the original game, allowing players to retain their progress and content.

Q: What impact could the release of Smite 2 have on the original game’s player base? A: Smite 2 may split the fanbase, with players either staying in the original game or migrating to the sequel based on its success.

Q: Will Smite continue to receive updates and new content after Smite 2’s release? A: While the studio’s commitment to the original game is not explicitly stated, it’s likely that updates will dwindle as the focus shifts to Smite 2.

Q: How different will Smite 2 be from the original game? A: Smite 2 aims to recreate the core experience in Unreal Engine 5, introduce new features, and make adjustments to existing gods, promising an exciting and refreshed gameplay experience.

In Conclusion

Smite’s future in the gaming world is uncertain, as it traverses the challenging terrain of competition and the imminent release of Smite 2. The coexistence of these two games holds both promise and risk, depending on the success of the sequel and its impact on the fanbase. Additionally, the fate of the original game’s content updates remains uncertain, potentially leading to a decline in player engagement. As Titan Forge Games directs its resources to Smite 2, the original game is likely to take a backseat. Only time will tell if Smite’s legacy will persist or if Smite 2 will reign supreme as the MOBA genre continues to evolve.

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