Solo Leveling Ranking Sung Jin-Woo’s Strongest Weapons

Sung Jin-Woo accumulates numerous weapons in Solo Leveling, ranging from average to incredibly potent.

The Most Powerful Weapons in Solo Leveling: A Guide to Sung Jin-Woo’s Arsenal

Sung Jin-Woo

The Solo Leveling series has captivated readers with its intense battles and fascinating world of hunters and monsters. And at the center of it all is Sung Jin-Woo, the protagonist who obtains powerful weapons by killing monsters, giving him an advantage over other hunters. In this guide, we will explore the most formidable weapons in Sung Jin-Woo’s arsenal and their unique abilities. So grab your gear and get ready for an epic journey!

🗡️ 7. Kasaka’s Venom Fang: The Additional Effects Make It A Threat

Kasaka’s Venom Fang

While not the most powerful weapon in terms of raw attack power, Kasaka’s Venom Fang makes up for it with its deadly effects. Sung Jin-Woo acquired this dagger after defeating the blue Venom-Fanged Kasaka, a formidable cobra boss. The dagger grants an attack power of +25 and boasts two devastating effects: Bleed and Paralyze. The Bleed effect causes the target to lose 1% of its health every second, while the Paralyze effect immobilizes or slows down the target. With these effects, Kasaka’s Venom Fang becomes a formidable weapon against strong enemies.

🗡️ 6. Knight Killer: The Bonus It Provides Against Armored Enemies Makes It Formidable

Knight Killer

Although most of Sung Jin-Woo’s weapons are obtained by killing monsters, Knight Killer is an exception. He purchased this B-ranked dagger from the system shop for a hefty price of 2,800,000 gold. While it may not be the most powerful weapon overall, Knight Killer shines when used against armored opponents. It provides an additional 25+ attack power against knights and armored enemies. Sung Jin-Woo acquired Knight Killer during his job change quest, as his previous dagger struggled to pierce through heavily armored foes. With this weapon, he found the perfect substitute to turn the tide in battles against armored adversaries.

🗡️ 5. Baruka’s Daggers: Additional Agility And Attack Power In One Weapon

Baruka’s Daggers

After a grueling battle with Baruka, an ice elf capable of defeating Rank B hunters, Sung Jin-Woo acquired Baruka’s daggers. These daggers became his trusted companions until the 100th floor of the Demon Castle. Despite being Rank A daggers, they pack a punch, and they were powerful enough to aid Sung Jin-Woo in defeating the Demon King Baran. In addition to their attack power, Baruka’s daggers boost the user’s agility due to the magic infused within them, reducing the user’s weight. With these daggers, Sung Jin-Woo gains not only power but also speed, making him a formidable force on the battlefield.

🗡️ 4. Demon King’s Daggers: They Possess The Essence Of The Demon King’s Energy

Demon King’s Daggers

The Demon King’s daggers were Sung Jin-Woo’s most powerful weapons until he obtained Kamish’s daggers from Thomas Andre. After defeating the Demon King Baran, Sung Jin-Woo acquired these S-ranked daggers with an attack power of +220. These daggers can cut through almost anything and are highly effective against normal S-rank hunters. However, against national-level hunters like Thomas Andre and the Monarchs, they are less effective. Still, the Demon King’s daggers played a crucial role in Sung Jin-Woo’s journey before he obtained Ashborn’s full legacy.

🌟3. Orb Of Avarice: Doubling A Mage’s Destructive Power Show Its Capabilities

Orb Of Avarice

The Orb of Avarice is a remarkable item obtained by Sung Jin-Woo after defeating Vulcan, the ruler of the lower floors in the Demon Castle. This prized possession is especially valuable for magical-type hunters, as it doubles the user’s magic damage. In the capable hands of Sung Jin-Woo and Tusk, to whom he eventually passes the Orb, it becomes a formidable weapon. With the Orb of Avarice, Tusk’s destructive power skyrockets, outclassing many sorcerers and even dragons. Its ability to offer a 100% increase in magic damage sets it apart from other crafted items, making it a powerful asset.

🌟2. Demon King’s Longsword: The Lightning Effect Makes It Extra Strong

Demon King’s Longsword

After a fierce battle with the Monarch of White Flames, Sung Jin-Woo gained the Demon King’s Longsword on the 100th floor of the Demon Castle. With an attack power of 350, it is one of the strongest weapons in Sung Jin-Woo’s arsenal. What sets this weapon apart is its Storm of White Flames effect: every swing of the longsword causes lightning to spread, making it even deadlier. While Sung Jin-Woo primarily uses daggers, he entrusted the Demon King’s Longsword to Igris, one of his powerful shadow soldiers. With the Longsword, Igris proves his mettle against formidable opponents, including S-Class-ranked hunters.

🌟1. Kamish’s Wrath: An Additional Attack Power Of 1500+ Makes It Rank Far Above Average S-Rank Weapons

Kamish’s Wrath

Crafted from the remains of the dragon Kamish, Kamish’s Wrath is among the most potent magical weapons in the world. Sung Jin-Woo acquired these daggers after defeating Kamish and obtaining the dragon’s strongest and largest tooth from Thomas Andre. Compared to other weapons in the series, Kamish’s Wrath is simply top-tier. Sung Jin-Woo used these daggers to stab and kill various Monarchs, proving their unmatched power. Although ineffective against Antares, the King of Dragons, Kamish’s Wrath played a vital role in Sung Jin-Woo’s ability to injure and eliminate the Monarchs.

Additional Information and Q&A

Q: Where can I read Solo Leveling? A: You can read Solo Leveling on various websites and platforms, such as Manganelo, Webtoon, and Tapas. Just search for “Solo Leveling” and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of hunters and monsters.

Q: Are there any other powerful weapons in Solo Leveling? A: Absolutely! Solo Leveling features a wide array of powerful weapons wielded by various characters. Sung Jin-Woo’s arsenal is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll encounter incredible weapons throughout the series, each with its unique abilities and significance.

Q: Are there any other skilled hunters in Solo Leveling? A: Of course! Solo Leveling introduces a diverse cast of skilled hunters who play crucial roles in battles against monsters and Monarchs. Sung Jin-Woo’s journey is filled with encounters with fellow hunters, each with their distinct fighting styles and strengths.

Q: Can I share this article on social media? A: Absolutely! Feel free to share this article with your fellow gamers and Solo Leveling enthusiasts. Let them discover the power and excitement that Sung Jin-Woo’s weapons bring to the series.


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Now that you’re equipped with knowledge about Sung Jin-Woo’s most potent weapons, it’s time to dive into Solo Leveling and experience the thrilling battles for yourself. Remember to share this article with your fellow gamers and spread the word about Sung Jin-Woo’s incredible arsenal. Happy hunting!

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