Sony’s E3 2006 Press Conference now available in 1080p.

Sony's E3 2006 Press Conference now available in 1080p.

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Sony’s Infamous E3 2006 Press Conference: Now in Glorious 1080P!

You can now experience the historic trainwreck that was Sony’s E3 2006 presentation in all its high-definition glory! The folks over at the Noclip Game History Archive channel have uploaded the nearly 2-hour long PlayStation conference to YouTube at the highest video quality ever recorded. It’s like watching a car crash in stunning detail!

Sony’s E3 2006 Press Conference

According to the video’s description, the footage was sourced from two HDCAM’s that were recording the original broadcast feed. Oh, and don’t worry. There are just two minutes somewhere in the middle missing, but the Noclip team is on a mission to find that elusive tape! If that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.

Wario64, the gaming news virtuoso, tweeted about it with the same level of enthusiasm usually reserved for discovering a secret treasure: “Sony’s legendary E3 2006 Press Conference now available in 1080p, courtesy of Noclip! Take a peek at this monumental disaster! You won’t regret it, or maybe you will… but it’s worth it anyway!”

Truly Priceless: Tales of a $599 Monstrosity

Now, let’s talk about the reason why this particular press conference became the stuff of legends. Sony made the bold decision to position the upcoming PlayStation 3 as the ultimate gaming machine, but little did they know it would lead to disaster!

They announced that the fancy 60GB PS3 would be launching at the hefty price tag of $600, which was the same amount as both Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii COMBINED! Yep, you heard that right. This revelation gave birth to the infamous “How much? $599 US dollar” meme that spread like wildfire. PlayStation probably wished they could hit the reset button on that one!

Cringe-Worthy Moments: Ridge Racer Shouting and Giant Enemy Crab

But that’s not all—there were plenty of cringe-worthy moments during this trainwreck of a press conference. For instance, they decided to show off Ridge Racer on PSP, and the then CEO Kaz Hirai couldn’t contain his excitement. As the camera awkwardly zoomed in on his gameplay, Kaz shouted, “RIIIDGE RACERR” with such gusto that it made us all feel just a little uncomfortable. Gotta love those forced corporate enthusiasm vibes!

And what about the giant enemy crab? Ah, yes, how could we forget? While showcasing Genji: Days of the Blade, one of the PS3’s underwhelming launch titles, the presenter went on and on about how historically accurate the game was. But then, out of nowhere, a colossal crustacean appeared! Talk about revisionist history in gaming. No one saw that crustacean coming, not even the historians!

Rise from the Ashes: PS3 Has the Last Laugh

Despite the rocky start, the PlayStation 3 eventually managed to surpass the worldwide shipped total of the Xbox 360 in 2013. It was a comeback story for the ages, as Sony recaptured players’ hearts with the PS4, solidifying its victory in the console wars. Microsoft even had to admit defeat during its FTC trial to acquire Activision Blizzard! Just goes to show, you can’t keep a good console down!

PS3 Console

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