Sora and Riku could learn from Clive and Joshua in Kingdom Hearts 4

Sora and Riku could learn from Clive and Joshua in Kingdom Hearts 4

Clive and Joshua: Lessons in Friendship for Sora and Riku

With the success of Final Fantasy 16, it’s high time that Kingdom Hearts 4 cashes in on the hype and introduces some fresh faces from the franchise. Clive, the protagonist of Final Fantasy 16, could be the perfect addition to the Kingdom Hearts universe. Not only does it make sense thematically, but the 18-year gap between Clive and his brother Joshua holds an important lesson for our dynamic duo, Sora and Riku.

In Kingdom Hearts 4, we find ourselves amidst the aftermath of Sora’s disappearance, leaving Riku with the mission to find his missing friend in Melody of Memory. The tight bond between these two protagonists is truly put to the test. It’s similar to the situation Clive and Joshua find themselves in, where familial separation and the weight of responsibility take center stage.

One thing that stands out about Square Enix protagonists is their tendency to take matters into their own hands, regardless of the consequences. Clive, for instance, hides his identity from his brother Joshua while battling dangerous forces, and Riku and Sora have a habit of sacrificing themselves for the greater good. Talk about commitment!

Sure, Sora and Riku have experienced their fair share of time jumps, but nothing compared to the lifetime Clive and Joshua spent apart. At any point, they could have let down their guard and actually spent time together, but the need to protect their loved ones always came first. It’s a recurring theme in both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 16, where our heroes feel the need to handle everything solo, ultimately pushing away the very people they care about.

But there’s still hope for our cherished keyblade wielders! In Final Fantasy 16, Joshua and Clive reunite after a staggering 18-year gap, realizing the importance of their bond and growing stronger together. This could serve as a valuable lesson for Sora and Riku, prompting them to reevaluate their choices and perhaps even rethink their solo adventures.

Introducing Clive and Joshua in Kingdom Hearts 4 would be the perfect opportunity for Sora and Riku to learn that separating from their friends and family doesn’t actually protect them. It doesn’t mean they have to abandon their quests, but rather face every challenge together, as a team. After all, the power of friendship is at the core of both series, so why not reinforce this lesson by joining forces with Clive and Joshua?

So mark your calendars because Kingdom Hearts 4 is in the works. And who knows, maybe this time around, our beloved protagonists will finally learn the true meaning of friendship. Until then, stay tuned for more updates!

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