Spider-Man 2: A Game-Changing Trend for PS5

Spider-Man 2: A Game-Changing Trend for PS5

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: The Good Lesson Sony Learned From Buyable Faceplates

Spider-Man 2 PS5 Faceplates

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is swinging into action as a massive success. With the first two games selling like hot cakes, the upcoming sequel already has a massive fan base eagerly awaiting its release. But let’s not forget how Sony has been treating this game like the superhero it is. They’ve pulled out all the stops, from a collector’s edition with an awesome statue of Venom and our two friendly neighborhood wall-crawlers, to even special edition consoles and controllers. And you know what? They’ve hit the jackpot!

Like a true hero with a wardrobe full of costumes, Sony knows how to make their PlayStation consoles stand out. The PlayStation 5 takes it to the next level because its faceplates are easily removable and replaceable. This means you can give your PS5 a limited edition, game-specific appearance without breaking the bank for a whole new console. And guess what they did with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? They made the faceplates available for separate purchase. It’s a format that’s been a massive hit!

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s special PS5 faceplates perfectly capture the essence of the game. The console design, like the DualSense controller, showcases the red and white Spider insignia, but here’s where things get dark and exciting – the black Symbiote is taking over, with one side of the console completely shrouded in darkness. It’s a visual feast for fans of the Symbiote suit and Venom, and it’s no wonder the design is driving collectors wild.

In the past, limited edition consoles often meant trading in your existing one to get the special version, and honestly, who has the time for all that? Thankfully, Sony listened to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans who already owned a PS5 and made the faceplates available separately. But, oh boy, did they underestimate the demand! This led to many disappointed fans as scalpers swooped in like vultures to resell the faceplates at sky-high prices. They vanished faster than Spider-Man chasing a getaway car!

But fear not, fellow gamers! Let’s hope Sony learns its lesson. These faceplates were a massive hit, and while not every game receives the same level of anticipation as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it’s safe to say that most limited edition plates are worth selling separately. Let’s have limited edition bundles, of course, but selling the faceplates individually alongside the controller is a consumer-friendly and profitable approach. It’s a win-win, allowing existing PS5 owners to join the fun without breaking the bank.

And hey, there’s a whole line-up of PlayStation exclusives on the horizon. Ghost of Tsushima 2, The Last of Us’ multiplayer game, Bend Studio’s mysterious upcoming project, and even Marvel’s Wolverine could all potentially rock a limited edition PS5. Sony, remember the hype behind Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s faceplates! Don’t forget to sell them separately, and for the love of all gamers, make sure to stock up sufficiently to knock those pesky scalpers right off their feet!

Mark your calendars, web-slingers – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches exclusively on October 20 for PS5. Get ready to swing into action!

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