8 Weaknesses Han Solo Has in Star Wars

Han Solo, a beloved character from Star Wars, is known as one of the most beloved characters in the franchise. However, he definitely possesses some flaws that many can relate to.

Han Solo: A Great Hero with Flaws

Han Solo In Carbonite

One of the greatest heroes and most memorable faces in the history of the Star Wars Universe, Han Solo has become one of the most famous movie characters in history. This hero is a great smuggler, pilot, and faithful member of the Rebel Alliance, despite his initial reluctance to get involved with the fight against the Empire.

Despite the greatness of this character, he still has some significant flaws, many of which he’d readily admit. Solo is one of the most beloved characters in Star Wars, but this doesn’t necessarily make him one of the strongest, and he’s had his fair share of problems over the years due to these weaknesses.

Han Solo’s Greediness: Leads to Many Enemies

Han has a significant problem that has shown up many times throughout his life. That problem is his simple love of money. Initially becoming embroiled with Luke, Obi-Wan, and the Rebels because of his desire for a reward over the princess, Han gets in trouble with the likes of Jabba the Hutt because of the extra money he is always seeking to make.

Later in life, Han and Chewie take on the role of transporting cargo, but they seem to owe money to a lot of people who come to try and make good on their debts. Han manages to talk and sneak his way out of trouble often, but he only gets stuck in so many of these situations because of his greediness and inability to make money for himself.

Han Solo’s Scepticism: Leads to a Lack of Understanding

Han, when first met by Luke and Obi-Wan, doesn’t believe in the Force at all. This shows a fundamental lack of knowledge and learning for the character, as recent history involved the Jedi being peaceful warriors stretching across the galaxy. It is also a problem because he is slow on the uptake regarding what their enemies can do.

Han doesn’t believe in much. This leads him to a life of crime, even though he has a conscience and isn’t made for such a life. His lack of peacefulness could do with some study of the force and the Jedi, but Han has always represented many of the qualities that the Jedi Order abhors, despite his good nature.

Han Solo’s Bad Business Decisions: Leads to Remaining Poor

Though it is linked to his greed, Han wouldn’t have to consider this such a major flaw in his character if he were just better with money when he got it, starting all the way back in Solo. Han made a lot from smuggling early in his career. He got a great deal of riches from the Rebel Alliance during his time with them, and Leia became his wife and had a lot of money left despite Alderaan being destroyed.

With all of this money at his disposal, Han and Chewie still manage to end up without a crew after the events of the Original Trilogy, trying to transport dangerous creatures on their own, and owing money to many different sources. No matter what he does, Han seems to end up back at the bottom of the pile every time because he never invests wisely or tries to be anything more.

Han Solo’s Womanizing: Leads to Being Trapped in Love

Han is a womanizer naturally, using his charisma and charm to great effect with a variety of other characters, but this is a side of him that gets him into all sorts of trouble. From his first love for Qi’Ra, which later got him in trouble during the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story, to Leia herself, Han has had a lot of romances over the years.

Han was almost forced into staying with the Rebels, partially because of how he felt about Leia. But other lovers he’s had, like Sara Starros, his first wife, gave him plenty of issues and even tried to turn him and Leia into the Empire because of the way Han treated her and ran off.

Han Solo’s Stealthiness: Leads to a Lot of Danger

Han is a loud person, there’s no denying that. He constantly argues with Leia, complains about everything, and fails to generally hide in any situation. Despite managing to find ways to avoid Empire ships a couple of times in the Millennium Falcon, Han in person is a travesty when attempting to hide or stay quiet.

Han not only isn’t good at it, but his preference for fighting his way out of situations encourages him to go out guns blazing, choosing not to try and remain quiet about anything he’s attempting to achieve. As seen in projects like Andor, the Rebel Alliance once survived only because of stealth, and they would have been better off continuing to work in the shadows without people like Han Solo running head-first into every fight.

Han Solo’s Ruthlessness: Leads to Distrust

It isn’t an easy ordeal for Leia to become a political leader after the toppling of the Empire, mostly because of her association with Darth Vader, but her husband doesn’t help. His being a smuggler and a stone-cold killer is a pretty dodgy association to have. When Han is first met, he kills Greedo in cold blood immediately, and this isn’t the only time.

In a war, it is necessary to be willing to kill, but Han was already experienced at it before he came near the Rebels. It is easy to forget that Han spent much of his life as a criminal, and he probably killed many people, some of them innocent, making him a distinctly untrustworthy figure. If he could be trusted, he might have been able to help more with the formation of the New Republic.

Han Solo’s Unsteadiness: Leads to a Weakened Resistance

Han didn’t run away when it counted for the Rebel Alliance. He and Chewie came back on the Millennium Falcon to save Luke and the Rebels and help them destroy the Death Star. But he didn’t show this kind of steadiness after his son turned to the dark side. He didn’t stay to try and fight or get his son back. He ran away.

The Resistance is in a real state at the beginning of The Force Awakens without Luke or Han. If either had been there, they might not have been in such a vulnerable spot. As it was, they could easily have been destroyed if Han hadn’t returned and helped Finn and Rey open a vulnerability on Starkiller Base.

Han Solo’s Lack of Diplomacy: Leads to His Death

A problem that many major members of the Rebellion have is that they are used to fighting against the Empire and are therefore prone to shoot first and ask questions later. Han is even worse for this, having worked as a smuggler and generally had to run or fight his way out of difficulties rather than talking it out.

Though Han is a fantastic talker, he is normally wheedling his way out of situations or stalling for time, as opposed to actually trying to talk out his problems and reach compromises with people. This is a trait that followed him the whole way to his grave, as his final failure was attempting to lead his son back to the light by talking to him and getting a lightsaber through his chest for his troubles.

And there you have it, the flaws of Han Solo, the iconic Star Wars character. While he may have his weaknesses, they only serve to make him more relatable and human. After all, no one is perfect, not even a legendary space smuggler.


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