Star Wars: Finn as a Jedi?

Star Wars: Finn as a Jedi?

Could Finn Have Become a Jedi?

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Finn’s Potential as a Jedi

When Finn, the Stormtrooper turned resistance hero, picked up a lightsaber in The Force Awakens, Star Wars fans everywhere held their breath. Although it was never explicitly addressed, it’s clear that Finn has some connection to the Force. Many have wondered if he should have become a Jedi during the sequel trilogy.

Throughout the series, there is ample evidence that Finn, just like Rey, is Force sensitive. This is a major factor in becoming a Jedi. Finn’s ability to wield the lightsaber and his knack for sensing others at a considerable distance strongly imply a connection to the Force. If he had joined Rey and been trained by Luke, Finn could have become a powerful Jedi in his own right.

Why Finn Should Have Become a Jedi

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From both a lore standpoint and a storytelling perspective, there are several reasons why Finn should have become a Jedi. First, having an additional Jedi in the mix would have opened up a multitude of new directions for the Star Wars storyline after The Rise of Skywalker. Finn’s journey as a Jedi could have unfolded alongside Rey’s, with minor adjustments to the action and conflict resolution.

While the limited availability of lightsabers during the sequel trilogy might pose a challenge, it would have made for an even more exciting story. Finn, without official training, acting like a Jedi and using his pseudo-Jedi skills to navigate challenges in creative ways, would have given his character a unique dynamic.

Finn’s journey as a Jedi would have made him a more significant and compelling character, especially considering the lackluster parts of The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. His rudimentary control of the Force and lightsaber skills would have kept fans engaged and eager to see how he would continue to survive. Additionally, exploring the dynamic of a Stormtrooper-turned-Jedi would have been a fascinating angle to delve into.

Why Finn Shouldn’t Have Become a Jedi

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One of the primary reasons why it makes sense that Finn never became a Jedi is because it would have diminished the impact of Rey’s character. Rey was intended to empower young girls by showcasing a powerful female Jedi. Introducing another Jedi on her side would have diluted her significance. Finn’s role as a Jedi might have overshadowed Rey’s, altering the hero-villain narrative and potentially undermining Kylo Ren’s threat.

Moreover, including Finn as a Jedi while excluding him from the final battle against Palpatine would have seemed odd. Finn’s lack of connection to Palpatine would have confused or irritated fans. In the context of the story told, it was appropriate for Finn to not become a Jedi.

Will Finn Return as a Jedi?


If Finn were to return in future Star Wars movies, it wouldn’t be surprising if he were considered a Jedi. At the end of The Rise of Skywalker, Rey embarks on a journey to restore the Jedi Order. Finn, being Force sensitive and displaying bravery and skill, is a perfect candidate to learn from Rey and aid her in this endeavor.

This decision opens up a plethora of storytelling possibilities. Finn could become a respected Jedi master, loyal to Rey’s new order. Alternatively, he could fail to live up to his potential, growing bitter and causing a fracture in Rey’s Jedi Order. It all comes down to the choices made by the writers in charge of Star Wars, and whether they decide to take an interesting and daring approach with this underutilized character.

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