Star Wars Outlaws won’t be a never-ending RPG.

Star Wars Outlaws won't be a never-ending RPG.

Star Wars Outlaws: A Manageable Adventure in a Galaxy Far, Far Away!

Star Wars Outlaws is shaping up to be an exciting action-adventure RPG, and fans are relieved to hear that it won’t be an endless, unfinishable saga that consumes your life. Take a deep breath and relax! This ain’t no “300 hour epic unfinishable RPG” – thank the Force for that!

In a recent interview with GameTopic, Julian Gerighty, the creative director of Star Wars Outlaws, shed some light on the game’s size and scale. Forget procedurally generated planets, my fellow gamers. Each world in Star Wars Outlaws will be meticulously designed, with a size equivalent to two “zones” in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Quality over quantity, folks!

So, what does “too big” mean to Gerighty? According to him, it means a game that becomes an overwhelming chore, leaving players exhausted and unfulfilled. Instead, the goal of Star Wars Outlaws is to provide a dense, rich adventure in an open world setting, where players can create their own rhythm. It won’t be an astronomical 200 or 300-hour marathon – it’s an action-packed, focused experience that’s actually manageable. Rejoice, for manageable adventures are the best adventures!

Massive Entertainment, the developer behind Star Wars Outlaws, seems to have learned from the past bloated games that left gamers drowning in content. They’ve streamlined their approach, ensuring that the open world is filled with essential elements like playable surfaces, distractions, characters, and cantinas. So, don’t expect any one-off missions that take you too far away from the core areas. It’s all about keeping things tight and exciting!

Now, let’s talk about Kay, the scoundrel extraordinaire. Will she wield a lightsaber? Surprisingly, Gerighty believes that she really doesn’t need one. Who needs a glowing laser sword when you’re a master of cunning and mischief? Let Kay shine in her own unique way, using her wits and charisma to get the job done!

And for all you Tatooine enthusiasts, get ready to return to the iconic desert planet and explore the bustling hub that is Mos Eisley and its legendary cantina. The Star Wars universe just wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this beloved location.

So, strap on your blaster, hop into your starship, and get ready for a manageable adventure in Star Wars Outlaws. It’s time to create your own path, fight alongside scoundrels, and experience the thrill of a galaxy far, far away. May the fun be with you!

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