Star Wars: Shatterpoint Board Game Review

Star Wars: Shatterpoint Board Game Review

“Star Wars Shatterpoint: The Miniatures Game You’ve Been Waiting For!”

Remember when our Star Wars board games list looked empty, like a Jedi’s soul suffering from a lack of good titles? Well, fear not my fellow gamers, because now we have Star Wars Shatterpoint, the miniatures game that fills that void like Chewbacca fills a room! With the addition of this game to the Star Wars wargaming universe, alongside Star Wars Legion, it’s time to answer burning questions about the differences between the two and whether they’ll clash like lightsabers. So, hop on your speeder and let’s explore the galaxy of Shatterpoint!

“Unboxing: It’s a Whole New Plastic Universe!”

Star Wars Shatterpoint Box

When you crack open the lid of the Shatterpoint box, you’ll find yourself knee-deep in plastic – and we’re not talking about a Force ghost reunion! It’s like stumbling upon an Airfix model kit, except that you’re about to embark on an epic gaming adventure. But don’t worry, building the miniatures is a breeze, although you’ll have to rely on the internet for assembly instructions. The figures have angular joints that fit together like a perfect puzzle, making it easy to create dynamic poses. Just be careful with those flimsy lightsabers, or they might go flying like a rogue Ewok!

With sixteen different figures from the Clone Wars series, including Anakin, Ahsoka, Lord Maul, and Asajj Ventress, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into the animated show. Plus, the Mandalorians with their jetpacks add an extra dash of excitement to the mix. And let’s not forget about the impressive scenery that comes with the game, featuring lofty gantries that take your battles to new heights – literally!

As you dig deeper into the box, you’ll unearth the game’s hidden treasures: custom dice and decks of cards. Sure, the majority may be plain, but the character cards showcase vibrant and bold artwork inspired by the Clone Wars series. And for all you aspiring figure painters out there, the box even includes two printed cardboard backgrounds to showcase your masterpieces.

“Rules and Gameplay: May the Fun Be With You!”

Now, let’s talk rules. The Shatterpoint rulebook may seem daunting at first, like facing a Rancor with nothing but a toothpick. But fear not, young Padawan! Once you watch a rules explanation video online, you’ll realize that the core game flow is as easy to grasp as piloting an X-wing. It’s the intricate conditions and edge cases that make this skirmish game shine, giving you a taste of cinematic action with your small squad of troops.

Before leaping into battle, you carefully select your figures. Each figure grants you a points allowance to spend on a secondary character and a support unit. With the sixteen figures in the box, you have everything you need to command your own epic Star Wars showdown. You’ll also choose a mission that determines objective placement on the tabletop and three random struggles that dictate which objectives will be active at different phases of the game. It’s a dynamic battlefield where securing objectives and eliminating enemies are your path to victory.

Prepare yourself for the tactical challenge of managing your order deck, which consists of character cards and a wild Shatterpoint card. Drawing a card at the start of your turn activates the corresponding unit, but if it doesn’t suit your strategy, you can pay a “force point” to save it for later and draw again. Force points also fuel powerful abilities but are in short supply, so use them wisely, young Jedi!

Movement and combat are the heart and soul of Shatterpoint. Using the included tools, you’ll navigate the battlefield with strategic jumps, climbs, and ground moves. And when it’s time to face your foes, combat comes alive with unique mechanics. Rolling attack dice and defense dice creates thrilling clashes, and the expertise faces on the dice deliver additional effects based on character-specific charts. These mechanics make each character feel distinct and offer a vast range of strategic possibilities.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Shatterpoint’s characters have their own palette of special abilities that add depth and narrative detail to gameplay. Jedi unleash their Force powers, droids boost each other’s performance, and Maul seeks revenge with swift and deadly attacks. The battlefield becomes a canvas where stories unfold, and lightsabers hum with anticipation.

“Where to Buy: May the Deals Be With You!”

Now that you’ve delved into the captivating world of Star Wars Shatterpoint, it’s time to embark on your own tabletop adventures. Head over to Amazon and grab this game that will keep you entertained for parsecs. May the Force be with you, and may your battles be as epic as the sagas in a galaxy far, far away!