Stardew Valley: Best Summer Crops

Stardew Valley: Best Summer Crops

Stardew Valley: The Most Profitable Summer Crops for Big Money Harvest!

Stardew Valley

Hey there, fellow farmers! Welcome to the sunny world of Stardew Valley, where you can milk cows, catch fish, and even romance some lovely villagers. But let’s not forget the true money-making machine of this game – farming! Today, we’ll dive into the bountiful world of summer crops and discover the most profitable ones to fill our pockets with gold.

1. Starfruit Starfruit

  • Seed Price: 400g
  • Growth Time: 13 Days
  • Sell Price: 750g (Tiller: 825g)
  • Artisan Good: Wine – 2250g, Artisan 3150g | Jelly – 1550g, Artisan 2170g

Move over, other crops! The legendary Starfruit takes the crown for the most profitable summer crop. These shiny delights are a bit pricey at 400 gold for the seeds, but boy, are they worth it! With a minimum selling price of 750 gold each, Starfruit has the potential to bring in massive profits. And if you’ve got the Tiller profession, they can go for a whopping 1,500 gold in iridium quality. Plus, they can be used to make artisanal goods like wine or jam for even more moolah. Trust us, Starfruit is the true superstar of summer!

2. Pineapple Pineapple

  • Seed Price: 240g
  • Growth Time: 14 Days (Regrown Every 7)
  • Sell Price: 300g (Tiller: 330g)
  • Artisan Good: Wine – 900g, Artisan 1260g | Jelly – 650g, Artisan 910g

Looking for a fruit that’s sweet and profitable? Pineapple is your answer! While it’s not accessible until later in the game on Ginger Island, getting your hands on these seeds will be well worth the effort. Pineapples regrow throughout the season, making them more profitable than many other crops. With a sell price of 300 gold each (330 gold in iridium quality), Pineapples can bring a smile to any farmer’s face. And if you turn them into wine, your profits will skyrocket. So set sail to Ginger Island and start raking in the gold with Pineapples!

3. Melon Melon

  • Seed Price: 80g
  • Growth Time: 12 Days
  • Sell Price: 250g (Tiller: 275g)
  • Artisan Good: Wine – 750g, Artisan 1050g | Jelly – 550g, Artisan 770g

If you’re after a juicy and profitable summer crop, look no further than the Melon! These beauties take 12 days to grow fully and can be harvested twice during the season. With a minimum selling price of 250 gold, Melons are definitely a wise investment. And if you’ve got the Tiller profession, they can go as high as 275 gold each. That’s a lot of dough for a humble fruit! Turn them into wine or jelly for even more profit, and you’ll be swimming in gold before you know it.

4. Red Cabbage Red Cabbage

  • Seed Price: 100g
  • Growth Time: 9 Days
  • Sell Price: 260g (Tiller: 286g)
  • Artisan Good: Juice – 585g, Artisan 819g | Pickles – 570g, Artisan 798g

Get ready to paint your farm red with the vibrant and profitable Red Cabbage! These seeds can only be purchased from Pierre’s General Store in Year 2 for 100 gold each. After nine days of nurturing, you can harvest valuable Red Cabbages three times during summer. With a minimum selling price of 260 gold, they’re definitely a crop to consider. Turn them into juice or pickles for even higher profits, and you’ll have a thriving bank account in no time. Plus, they’re a must-have for the dye bundle in the Community Center.

5. Blueberries Blueberries

  • Seed Price: 80g
  • Growth Time: 13 Days (Regrown Every 4)
  • Sell Price: 50g (Tiller: 55g)
  • Artisan Good: Wine – 105g, Artisan 210g | Jelly – 150g, Artisan 210g

Looking for a crop that keeps on giving? Blueberries are the answer! These little powerhouses can regrow throughout the season, making them a cost-effective investment. Priced at 80 gold per seed, Blueberries are a steal. They can yield three or more berries from a single plant, with a minimum selling price of 50 gold each. And if you’ve got the Tiller profession, they can reach up to 55 gold each. That’s a great return on investment for such a versatile crop. Make them into wine or jelly for even more profit, and you’ll be rolling in the blueberries!

6. Corn Corn

  • Seed Price: 150g
  • Growth Time: 14 Days (Regrown Every 4)
  • Sell Price: 55g (Tiller: 55g)
  • Artisan Good: Juice – 112g, Artisan 156g | Pickles – 150g, Artisan 210g | Oil – 100g

Give a warm welcome to the seasonal staple, Corn! With its versatility and longevity, Corn is a must-have crop for any summer farm. Priced at 150 gold per seed, Corn isn’t the most profitable crop in terms of selling price, but its reliability and usefulness make up for it. Plus, it’s the perfect ingredient for crafting cooking oil. So while it might not bring in the big bucks, Corn is an essential crop to keep your farm thriving through summer and beyond.

7. Tomato Tomato

  • Seed Price: 25g
  • Growth Time: 11 Days (Regrown Every 4)
  • Sell Price: 60g (Tiller: 66g)
  • Artisan Good: Juice – 135g, Artisan 189g | Pickles – 170g, Artisan 238g

Let’s ketchup with the Tomato crop! While not the most profitable summer crop, Tomatoes can still bring in a decent profit. These multi-harvest wonders take 11 days to grow and can be harvested every four days. With a minimum selling price of 60 gold, Tomatoes can be a steady source of income. Plus, they’re key ingredients in several delicious recipes, so they’re worth considering for some tasty bonuses. So plant those Tomatoes and find some extra cash in every bite!

8. Hops Hops

  • Seed Price: 60g
  • Growth Time: 11 Days (Regrown Every 1)
  • Sell Price: 25g (Tiller: 27g)
  • Artisan Good: Pale Ale – 300g, Artisan 420g | Pickles – 100g, Artisan 140g

Calling all beer enthusiasts! Hops are here to quench your thirst for profits. These little green cones take 11 days to fully grow and can be harvested every day thereafter. While their selling price is a humble 25 gold each, they can be turned into Pale Ale, which has one of the highest returns on investment in-game. So grab those Hops, fire up the Kegs, and sip on the sweet taste of profits. Cheers to that!

9. Hot Pepper Hot Pepper

  • Seed Price: 40g
  • Growth Time: 5 Days (Regrown Every 3)
  • Sell Price: 40g (Tiller: 44g)
  • Artisan Good: Wine – 120g, Artisan 168g | Jelly – 130g, Artisan 182g

Spice up your farm and your profits with Hot Peppers! These fiery crops have an initial growth time of five days and can be harvested every three days after that. While their selling price matches their seed price at 40 gold, Hot Peppers are multi-harvest crops that are worth planting. Plus, they’re an essential ingredient in several artisan goods like wine and jelly. So if you’re a fan of heat and profits, Hot Peppers are the crops for you.

10. Radish Radish

  • Seed Price: 20g
  • Growth Time: 6 Days
  • Sell Price: 90g (Tiller: 99g)
  • Artisan Good: Juice – 202g, Artisan 282g | Pickles – 230g, Artisan 322g

Radishes are the cool kids of summer crops! These refreshing vegetables take six days to fully grow and have a minimum selling price of 90 gold. While they might not have much use for bundles or quests, they’re still a step up from Sunflowers, especially if you’re working on artisan goods. Their prices are fair, and if you turn them into juice or pickles, they can fetch an even higher profit. So don’t underestimate the power of Radishes on your journey to farming fame!

11. Sunflower Sunflower

  • Seed Price: 200g
  • Growth Time: 8 Days
  • Sell Price: 80g (Tiller: 88g)
  • Artisan Good: Oil – 100g

Finally, we have a flower that’s blooming with beauty but not with profits – the Sunflower. While these cheerful flowers can brighten up any farm, they don’t bring in much cash. Selling for a minimum of 80 gold each, Sunflowers are a bit of a loss in terms of profits. However, they have their uses. They’re essential for crafting cooking oil, which is a staple in many recipes. Plus, they make great gifts for villagers, especially Haley, who loves them. So if you’re in it for the aesthetics and the love, grow some Sunflowers along with your other crops.

That concludes our fun-filled tour of the most profitable summer crops in Stardew Valley. Whether you choose to go for the big bucks with Starfruit or enjoy the simplicity of Tomatoes, one thing’s for sure – summer farming is a blast! So put on your straw hat, grab your hoe, and get ready to rake in the gold. Happy farming, everyone! 🌻