Stardew Valley: Trash Bear Guide

Stardew Valley: Trash Bear Guide

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As the seasons and years pass in Stardew Valley, new content will become available. Once you start your third year in the game, you will have the chance to talk to Trash Bear. This bear will give you quests to complete, in order to bring some beauty back to Pelican Town.

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In this guide, we are going to go over when you can find Trash Bear, his location, and what his quests involve. First, let’s take a look at when and where you can find Trash Bear.

Updated July 25, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: We’ve updated the formatting of this guide a bit, allowing you to quickly learn how to complete Trash Bear’s four quests in Stardew Valley.

When Does Trash Bear Appear?

Trash Bear near sewer

Trash Bear will not be available at the start of the game. Instead, you must wait until the first non-rainy day of year three. You won’t have to wait too long to talk to Trash Bear in your third year though. If it happens to be raining, just wait until the next day, or whenever the rain stops.

Additionally, you do not have to immediately talk to Trash Bear. He will appear in his spot at the start of year three and will remain there until you finish his quest. This means that you can wait a few seasons to talk to him if you prefer.

Trash Bear’s Location

Trash Bear Location On Map

You can find Trash Bear in the Cindersap Forest, near the sewer drain at the bottom of the map. Above, you can see the location circled. Trash Bear will be at a cliff near the stairway leading down to the sewer.

To get there, enter the Cindersap Forest near Marnie’s Ranch and head south until you come to the river.

Path to Trash Bear

To your right, there should be a wooden bridge that leads to a small island, shown in the image above. Follow this path across the small island and across to the other side of the river.

From here, keep walking south until you come across Trash Bear.

Trash Bear’s Quests

Trash Bear Quest

Once you find Trash Bear, talk to him. This will trigger a series of four quests, where Trash Bear will ask you to bring him different items. Overall, he will ask you to bring two fish or foraged items, and two cooked dishes.

Fish & Foraged Items

The fish or foraged item requests will vary depending on the season, so let’s take a look at all the possible requests below.

Many of these requests are constant between all the seasons, however, some will only be requested during specific seasons. If the season changes while you are in the middle of a quest, the item requested will only remain constant if it is on the list for the next season.

For example, if Trash Bear wants a bream and it becomes Summer, he will still want a bream. If he wants an eel and the season changes, the request will change as well.

Cooked Dishes

Cooked Dishes

After bringing Trash Bear two fish or foraged items, he will request two cooked dishes. These dishes can be any meal in the game.

Recipes for these dishes can be learned from The Queen of Sauce television show that comes out every Sunday, as well as purchased from Gus, the Traveling Cart, or gifted from villagers. As the game progresses, you will learn more recipes.

Unlike the fish and foraged item requests, the cooked dishes that Trash Bear requests will never change. If a new season occurs, the dish requested will remain the same.

Rewards From Trash Bear

Trash Bear Rewards

Once all four requests are complete, Trash Bear will fly away on his umbrella and gift you with the following rewards:

  • Replace the trash on the water’s edge near the sewer with bushes and trees
  • Upgrade the dog pen next to the Stardrop Saloon
  • Remove the trash from Pam’s front yard

You will also be given the opportunity to upgrade Pam’s house if you have a friendship level of nine hearts or more; this will change her trailer into a cute little cottage.

You definitely don’t want the front to be littered with trash after upgrading her house, so remember to talk to Trash Bear!

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