Starfield revolutionizes pickpocketing from Skyrim and Fallout

Starfield revolutionizes pickpocketing from Skyrim and Fallout

Starfield: Pickpocketing in Real Time, a Game Changer for Bethesda

If you think pickpocketing in Bethesda games has always been a leisurely affair, think again! Starfield, the latest offering from Bethesda, is flipping the script and bringing real-time pickpocketing to the table. No longer will time pause to let your character carefully ransack unsuspecting victims. Now, you’ll have to be quick on your feet, as the world continues to move around you.

Never played a Bethesda RPG? Well, here’s the lowdown. In previous games, when you attempted to pickpocket, time essentially froze. It was like the world held its breath while you strategized what shiny trinkets to snatch. But Starfield is shaking things up, as showcased in this magical clip from Reddit:

Starfield pickpocketing

Gone are the days of silently sneaking around, looting at will. Instead, you’ll need to be a master of timing and stealth, following your targets’ predetermined paths and staying close to them. It’s like an elaborate dance between you and your victims, with the stakes raised higher than ever before!

One Redditor posed an interesting question: “I wonder if lock picking will be the same way. It is in Dying Light and adds a considerable amount of anxiety while trying to lock pick with baddies nearby.” A fair point indeed! Imagine the intense rush of trying to pick a lock while enemies lurk just around the corner. It would turn lockpicking into a truly nail-biting experience, one that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

And that’s not all! Starfield may have more trick up its sleeve. Will the classic method of crouching and tailing someone to improve our “Stealth” skill still be a thing? It’s a tried and tested technique from beloved Bethesda RPGs such as Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout 4. Will Starfield break the mold and revolutionize our sneaky adventures? Only time will tell.

In other news, if you pre-ordered the Starfield Constellation Edition from Walmart, brace yourself for disappointment. The retailer has been canceling some pre-orders, leaving eager fans in a state of cosmic despair.

Meanwhile, Xbox boss Phil Spencer is already living the dream, playing Starfield before anyone else. The mere thought of him diving into the vastness of space while we’re left twiddling our thumbs is enough to induce serious bouts of jealousy.

So, fellow gamers, get ready! Starfield is about to shake up the pickpocketing game, making it one thrilling, heart-pounding endeavor. Keep your eyes peeled for more surprises from Bethesda’s upcoming RPG. And may your nimble fingers and quick reflexes bring you great success in the treacherous art of pilfering.