Starfield shorts give sneak peek at game’s main planets

Starfield shorts give sneak peek at game's main planets

Starfield: Prepare for an Irresponsibly Large Sci-Fi Adventure!


The countdown to the epic release of Starfield, the sci-fi action role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios, is finally on! Get ready to embark on a journey through the stars, as the game makes its planetfall this September. But before you dive in, let’s take a sneak peek at what awaits you in the Settled Systems.

Supra Et Ultra Supra Et Ultra (Latin for “Above and Beyond”) follows the thrilling story of a courier turned military pilot on New Atlantis, the bustling capital planet of the United Colonies. Get ready for excitement, adventure, and a whole lot of space battles!

The Hand That Feeds In The Hand That Feeds, we meet a pair of scoundrel street-thieves who unwittingly find themselves in the crosshairs of the powerful Ryujin Industries. This megacorporation means business, and our misfits have to outsmart them while surviving the neon-lit streets of Neon, on the planet Volii Alpha.

Where Hope is Built Finally, in Where Hope is Built, join the journey of a young orphan dreaming of escaping the desolate planet of Akila for a life among the stars. Will their dreams become a reality, or will the gravity of their circumstances keep them grounded forever?

These animated shorts give us a tantalizing glimpse into the vast universe of Starfield. Without any dialogue, the videos tell immersive stories through mesmerizing visuals and evocative music. They’re like tiny cosmic mood pieces that leave us yearning for more!

Now, you might be wondering if these characters will cross paths with you during your own interstellar escapades. While it’s uncertain, one thing is for sure: the visuals are absolutely jaw-dropping. The animation style seems to bear a striking resemblance to the work of renowned studio Titmouse, known for their shows like Metalocalypse and The Venture Bros. Let’s hope there’s more animated goodness to come before the game’s launch!

So mark your calendars for September 6th and get ready to blast off into the unknown. Starfield will be launching on Windows PC and Xbox Series X, with the added bonus of being available on day one for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Prepare for an adventure that’s out of this world!

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