Starfield: New Update Brings Bug Fixes and Visual Improvements

Despite the full patch notes not having been released yet, Bethesda has provided some information about the upcoming update for the game's content.

Starfield’s latest update is the biggest yet and will finally put an end to those pesky asteroids tailgating your spaceship.


Are you ready to explore the cosmos like never before? Get ready because Starfield, the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG from Bethesda, is receiving a huge update next week on Wednesday, January 17. While Bethesda hasn’t released the full patch notes yet, they have given players a sneak peek into what they can expect from the upcoming update. And let me tell you, it’s going to be out of this world! 🌌

A Galactic Overhaul

According to a recent tweet from Bethesda, the update will include “over 100” bug fixes and visual improvements to enhance your gameplay experience. This is great news, as players have been eagerly waiting for these improvements to make their interstellar journey smoother and more visually stunning. 👾

The January 17 update, unfortunately, will only be available for PC players who have opted into Steam Beta. But don’t worry, Xbox players and PC players on Game Pass won’t be left behind for long. Bethesda has stated that they will gain access to the update’s features in about two weeks. So keep your engines running and your space suits ready, because the best is yet to come! 🚀

Patch Highlights

While we don’t have the full patch notes yet, Bethesda has provided us with a glimpse of what’s to come. Here are some of the exciting updates and fixes we can expect:

Quest Fixes

  • Various quest fixes to ensure a smoother and more immersive storytelling experience.
  • Eye Of The Storm quest will now allow players to dock with the Legacy and transfer data correctly.
  • Temples from the Into The Unknown quest should now appear correctly.
  • Fixes for other quest bugs that can prevent Constellation members from exploring the galaxy.

Technical Enhancements

  • Stability improvements to eliminate those pesky crashes and ensure a more seamless gameplay session.
  • Various graphic improvements, including improved textures, lighting, shadows, and accurate sun disk geometry.
  • Widescreen support for a more cinematic feel while exploring the vastness of space.
  • Bulldozed objects will no longer reappear when returning to an outpost, because who wants to clean up twice, right? 🧹
  • Certain ship hatches that were previously marked as inaccessible will now be accessible. Time to explore every nook and cranny!

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • One of the most amusing bug fixes is the removal of asteroids that used to follow players’ ships through the galaxy. Sorry, asteroids, but you’ll have to find someone else to stalk now!

The Wait Is Almost Over

While we eagerly await the full patch notes, Bethesda has assured us that they will be releasing them alongside the Steam Beta update next week. As for non-Steam players, fear not! Bethesda has promised that the update will be available for all players roughly two weeks after the January 17 Steam Beta release. So mark your calendars and get ready to blast off into an adventure like no other!

In the meantime, why not check out some of the incredible trailers and gameplay videos of upcoming games like Grounded II, Tekken 8, and Jujutsu Kaisen? We’ve got all the excitement you need to tide you over until the Starfield update arrives! 🎮

Q&A: Curious Minds Want to Know

Q: Will the update be available for Xbox players and PC players on Game Pass?

A: Yes! While the January 17 update will initially be exclusive to PC players who have opted into Steam Beta, Xbox players and PC players on Game Pass can expect to gain access to the update’s features in about two weeks.

Q: Will there be any new content or features added in the update?

A: Unfortunately, Bethesda has not provided any information about new content or features in the upcoming update. However, the focus will primarily be on bug fixes and visual improvements to enhance your gaming experience.

Q: Can we expect any performance improvements in the update?

A: Yes, the update will include stability and performance improvements to reduce crashes and create a smoother gameplay experience.

Q: Are there any plans for future updates or DLCs?

A: Bethesda has not announced any specific plans for future updates or DLCs at this time. However, they have hinted at additional content and features being added to the game in the future.

Q: How can I stay updated on Starfield news and announcements?

A: The best way to stay informed about Starfield news is to follow Bethesda on their official social media channels and keep an eye on their website for updates. You can also join the vibrant Starfield community on Reddit and Discord to discuss the game with fellow fans.


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So grab your trusty controller and get ready for the upcoming Starfield update that will take your intergalactic adventure to new heights! Don’t forget to share this exciting news with your fellow gamers, and let us know in the comments what improvements you’re most excited about. Happy gaming, space explorers! 👾🚀

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