Stray: Guide to Finding All 4 Notebooks in Chapter 4

Stray: Guide to Finding All 4 Notebooks in Chapter 4

Stray Notebook Locations Guide

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Last Updated: July 28, 2023, by Tom Bowen

When it comes to indie game success stories, few can compete with Stray. This feline-themed adventure game took the gaming industry by storm, being played by millions of people worldwide and winning numerous end-of-year awards. Now, it’s available on Xbox Game Pass, giving more players a chance to experience the exciting world of Stray. Let’s dive in and find all four notebooks in Chapter 4!

Momo’s Notebook (1/4)

Momo’s Notebook Location

Stray players will be introduced to Guardian, the red-cloaked protector of the slums, who recommends talking to Momo to find out more about the outside world. Momo resides in a tall building near an orange neon sign. After speaking with Momo, he will give players his notebook and mention that the other three notebooks are located in tall buildings with the Outsiders logo in The Slums.

Zbaltazar’s Notebook (2/4)

Zbaltazar’s Notebook Location

To find Zbaltazar’s Notebook, players should head to a tall building with a large blue Outsiders sign on the roof. After disabling the fan on the roof and dropping down into the flat below, they can find the notebook beneath a pile of boxes near the sofa. Jumping on the boxes and pawing at the blind will help them make their way to success!

Doc’s Notebook (3/4)

Doc’s Notebook Location

Doc’s Notebook is hidden inside a locked safe in a flat filled with books. After leaving Momo’s place and spotting a small illuminated Outsiders sign, players should head in that direction. Inside the flat, they will find a bedroom with a note on the bed, indicating a hidden safe behind some books. Using the key found after translating the note, players can unlock the safe and snatch Doc’s Notebook.

Clementine’s Notebook (4/4)

Clementine’s Notebook Location

Clementine’s Notebook is located in a flat opposite Momo’s place, distinguished by a large white Outsiders logo painted on the side of the building. Players can enter the window and find the notebook on the desk near the computer. While they’re there, grabbing the sheet music from the bookshelf next to the bed will prove useful.

Once players have collected all four notebooks, they need to return to Momo’s flat. After showing him the other three notebooks, Momo will repair the faulty transceiver and reveal the need to search for a sGameTopical in Zurk territory in Stray’s fifth chapter. Ready to continue the adventure and explore the unknown, players will venture forth with excitement and curiosity.

Stray is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. Join the incredible journey today and uncover the secrets of Stray!