Street Fighter 6: 9 Rashid Tips for Players

Street Fighter 6: 9 Rashid Tips for Players

Fun and Interesting Guide to Street Fighter 6’s Rashid


One of the coolest characters in Street Fighter, the effortlessly cool and laid-back Rashid, is back and better than ever in Street Fighter 6! As the first DLC character, Rashid brings new moves, costumes, and quirks that make him stand out from the crowd.

Rashid, a relatively new addition to the Street Fighter franchise, plays a vital role in the storyline leading up to Street Fighter 6. With his quick movements and whirlwind powers, he brings a unique fighting style to the game. Capcom has made some tweaks to ensure that Rashid fits perfectly into the new title, making him incredibly fun to play.

9. Rashid: The High-Tier King


Rashid has always been a force to be reckoned with in Street Fighter 5. Despite the ever-changing tier lists, he consistently ranked high due to his tricky but rewarding playstyle. His lightning-fast speed made him incredibly difficult to pin down, and players who mastered his special abilities and combos could dish out massive damage. Get ready for an equally challenging and rewarding fight when Rashid enters Street Fighter 6!

8. Rashid: The Tech-Savvy Streamer


Rashid’s love for technology is evident in Street Fighter 6. Not only does he analyze his opponents with his eye-piece, but he also embraces his tech-savvy side by becoming a streamer! Rashid addresses his viewers before and after fights, balancing his goofy personality with his intense focus. His moves even reference his streaming journey, adding an extra layer of fun to his character. Watch out for his Level 3 Super move where he exclaims, “Here comes Rashid for your viewing pleasure!” as he pummels his opponent.

7. Rashid: The Hero Who Took Down Shadaloo

Middle East

Rashid is more than just a fun-loving character. In Street Fighter 5, he plays a pivotal role in taking down the evil Shadaloo Corporation. Many consider him the main protagonist of the game, as he saves Charlie, confronts Juri, and thwarts the C.H.A.I.N.S Operation. While other characters were involved in the fight against Bison, Rashid deserves most of the credit for his courageous efforts.

6. Rashid: The Pride of the Middle East


Street Fighter is known for its diverse roster of characters, and Rashid adds a Middle Eastern flare to the game. With his shemagh scarf and black agal, Rashid represents the vibrant culture of the region. While his exact country of origin is unknown, his character artwork in Street Fighter 5 hints at his possible home city being Dubai. Capcom’s attention to detail in costume design adds to the game’s authenticity and representation.

5. Rashid: The Parkour Warrior


Rashid brings a unique fighting style to Street Fighter 6 with his parkour-inspired movements. Combining fast and agile maneuvers with break dancing moves, Rashid’s playstyle is a frantic and fun departure from the norm. Add his whirlwind powers that allow him to soar through the sky, and you have one of the most agile fighters in the game. If you love rushing down opponents with quick combos, Rashid is the perfect choice.

4. Rashid: The King of the Air

World Tour

Rashid has always excelled in dominating the neutral game, and Street Fighter 6 expands his aerial dominance. With a high arching jump, a double jump, and a spinning whirlwind move, Rashid becomes an airborne force to be reckoned with. His air grab and devastating overhead kick only add to the chaos he creates. Characters who rely on aerial attacks, like Dhalsim, will have a hard time countering Rashid’s relentless assault.

3. Rashid: The World Tour Participant

Avoid Projectiles

Street Fighter 6’s DLC characters, including Rashid, are featured in the single-player World Tour mode. Players can expect to encounter Rashid as he travels around the nation of Nayshall. This integration adds freshness and excitement to the mode, allowing players to learn from Rashid and experiment with his high-flying fighting style. Prepare for some jaw-dropping combos when combining Rashid’s techniques with other fighting styles.

2. Rashid: The Projectile Dodger

Classic Costume

Rashid has always had a unique trait in Street Fighter 5 – his running ability. In Street Fighter 6, he retains this skill, enabling him to slide under projectiles and even bypass opponents entirely. His mobility and evasive maneuvers put his adversaries in a tough spot. Rashid’s ability to nullify projectiles adds a new layer of threat, especially against characters like Ryu and Ken, who rely heavily on fireballs.

1. Rashid: Classic Look, Classic Fun

Street Fighter 6 brings back Rashid’s classic costume, confirming that it will be available in the game. Whether it’s an unlockable costume or an in-game purchase, fans can rejoice in seeing Rashid in his iconic attire. With a laid-back, casual look, Rashid’s alternate costume, featuring a dark gray shirt and denim kaki pants, perfectly matches his personality. Pick your favorite costume and enjoy the fast-paced action of Street Fighter 6!

Street Fighter 6 is now available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series S and X, and PC. Get ready to unleash the whirlwind with Rashid and experience all the excitement the game has to offer!

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