Suicide Squad Director Supports Barbenheimer’s Success Lessons

Suicide Squad Director Supports Barbenheimer's Success Lessons

Barbie and Oppenheimer’s Success: Lessons From the Silver Screen


Barbenheimer, the ingenious marketing campaign that brought together the worlds of Barbie and Oppenheimer, has proven to be a smashing success! With Barbie securing the biggest opening of the year, raking in $162 million domestically, and Oppenheimer surpassing expectations with its $82 million opening weekend, it’s safe to say that this dynamic duo has taken the box office by storm! But what can we learn from their triumph? Well, Suicide Squad director David Ayer has some thoughts, and they might just be personal reasons disguised as professional ones. Let’s dive in!

Lesson #1: The Power of Teamwork

Barbie and Oppenheimer were a package deal, encouraging audiences to experience both films back-to-back. It was a bold move, and it paid off. Even the legendary Quentin Tarantino couldn’t resist partaking in this cinematic feast! While we don’t know if Ayer joined the Barbenheimer train, we do know that he vocally supported Margot Robbie, our beloved Harley Quinn, who shot to fame in his very own Suicide Squad. So, Ayer is no stranger to the perks of collaboration and cross-promotion.

Lesson #2: Follow Your Muse

Variety hit the nail on the head when they stated, “The lesson is that all of this works only when we give artists the license to follow their muse, to express the excitement of what’s in their soul. Everything else is just algorithms.” Ah, algorithms – the bane of Ayer’s existence. He publicly acknowledged the studio’s attempt to turn Suicide Squad into an algorithm-driven film, all in the pursuit of replicating the success of other superhero flicks. Ayer’s response to the Variety article says it all, “This. Just this. Dear God.” So, let artists be artists and watch the magic unfold!

Lesson #3: Embrace Creative Freedom

The tale of Ayer’s Suicide Squad has been one fraught with criticism and controversy. The theatrical version that hit theaters was a result of meddling studio execs, who, according to Ayer, made a mess of things. His original cut, entrusted to the experienced editor Lee Smith, promised a different experience entirely. But alas, the studio decided to hand it off to a lesser-known trailer editing company, resulting in a “secret 2nd edit” that left Ayer less than thrilled. Besides, can we talk about the countless pop songs crammed into the film? Ayer himself lamented the loss of the haunting score that would have served the story better. In comparison, the success of Barbenheimer is a clear testament to the power of allowing creatives to work their magic without unnecessary interference.

The Ayer Cut and Beyond

Fans of Ayer’s vision for Suicide Squad have rallied behind the #ReleaseTheAyerCut movement, hoping for the original version to see the light of day. Cast members have expressed their support, and Margot Robbie, the queen of versatility, has remained coy about her stance. Perhaps she’s playing it safe, having starred in Birds of Prey, which borrowed ideas from Ayer’s original cut and explored the real toxicity of the Joker-Harley relationship. But don’t lose hope! With the hashtag trend set for August 5th, the Ayer Cut might just become a reality amidst the writers’ strike chaos.

And let’s not forget, Barbie is still dazzling audiences in theaters nationwide!

Source: Variety, David Ayer/Twitter