Tencent to acquire majority stake in Techland, the studio behind Dying Light.

Tencent to acquire majority stake in Techland, the studio behind Dying Light.

Dying Light and Tencent: A Match Made in Gaming Paradise

image Dying Light 2. | Image credit: Techland

Techland, the genius developer behind Dying Light, has some thrilling news to share with us! They’ve just announced an exciting partnership with none other than Tencent, who will become their majority shareholder. It’s like the ultimate gaming power duo has been unleashed upon the world!

In a recent blog update, Techland’s CEO, Paweł Marchewka, expressed his sheer joy and enthusiasm for this incredible partnership. He mentioned that teaming up with Tencent will accelerate the execution of their grand gaming visions. And let’s talk about Tencent for a moment – they’ve already collaborated with some of the finest video game companies in the world, taking them to new heights while embracing their unique ways of doing things. It’s a match made in gaming paradise!

What’s even more fantastic is that Techland will retain complete ownership of their intellectual properties (IPs) and will maintain their creative freedom. This means they can continue to wow us with their incredible ideas and innovative game designs that we’ve come to know and love.

This partnership marks a thrilling new chapter in Techland’s history, according to Marchewka. And he’s just oozing excitement about it! He clearly wants the absolute best for their games, their dedicated team, and of course, us gamers. He believes that Techland’s best work is yet to come, and I couldn’t agree more!

Marchewka shared some tantalizing details about their upcoming projects. Brace yourselves folks, because they have big dreams for Dying Light. They want it to be the ultimate zombie game experience for players all around the globe. Picture this: multiple astonishing adventures that will push the boundaries of solo and online modes, taking the game to a whole new level of epicness! And that’s not all, they’re also brewing up an open world action-RPG set in a fantasy realm. Can you even handle the excitement?

But hold on, here’s a secret scoop: Techland has already expressed their interest in a potential Dying Light 3. That’s right, the undead fun might just keep on coming, and I don’t know about you, but I’m already sharpening my virtual swords in anticipation!

Now, let’s talk a bit about Tencent. Besides partnering up with Techland, they’ve also made moves in the gaming industry by investing in Lighthouse Games, a newcomer founded by the talented Gavin Raeburn. It seems like Tencent is really spreading their influential wings to support and nurture amazing game developers. Kudos to them!

Through this partnership, Marchewka will continue to serve as Techland’s CEO, leading the charge into an exciting future where gaming fantasies come to life. He knows that the best and boldest dreams can only be realized when working with like-minded friends and strong partners who share the same vision, passion, and have the expertise to back it up. Together, they’ll conquer the gaming world!

So, let’s raise our virtual mugs and toast to this new chapter in Techland’s magnificent gaming journey. Cheers, Techland and Tencent, may your collaboration bring us endless hours of gaming bliss!