The Sims 4: 10 Tips for Elder Sims

The Sims 4: 10 Tips for Elder Sims

Embrace the Golden Years in The Sims 4

Imagine following a Sim from cradle to grave, experiencing their journey through finding love, building a career, and raising a family, only to abandon them once they reach old age. But wait, don’t dismiss the elder Sims just yet! Contrary to popular belief, their golden years are brimming with untapped potential and excitement. So, let’s dive deep into the world of The Sims 4 and discover the secrets of embracing senior living.

1. Give Elders A Makeover

elder makeover

Have you ever felt a pang of sadness watching your beloved legacy Sims age? Well, it’s time to banish that melancholy and give those elder characters a makeover that accentuates their wisdom and experience. Head over to Create-A-Sim and treat them to a fresh haircut, maybe an elegant updo or a stylish shorter ’do. Add some character to their faces with wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of aging. And don’t forget to dress them in comfortable yet fashionable clothing that suits their personalities.

2. Career Changes

elder career

Retirement doesn’t mean the end of the road! Elder Sims can bid farewell to their old careers and enjoy a well-deserved pension. But don’t let them just sit around reminiscing about the good old days. Encourage them to explore new career paths. Freelancing is a fantastic option, allowing Sims to work from home and at their own pace. They can become digital artists, programmers, or writers. Imagine those grumpy geezers transforming into insightful art critics or gourmet connoisseurs, sharing their wisdom in a more positive light.

3. Travel The World

elder travel

Retirement opens up a whole world of possibilities. Elder Sims have all the time they need to fulfill their wanderlust and explore new horizons. They can rent cabins, pitch tents, and embrace nature in Granite Falls with the Outdoor Retreat game pack. Or they can bask in the sun, build sandcastles, and take a dip in the ocean on the beautiful beaches of Sulani (Island Living) or Tartosa (My Wedding Stories). If they prefer colder climates, they can head to Mt. Komorebi from the Snow Escape expansion pack. And why not embark on a Jungle Adventure in Selvadorada or travel to Batuu? The world is their oyster!

4. Spoil The Grandkids

grandma and grandkids

Growing Together expansion pack introduced the concept of “stay-overs,” providing the perfect opportunity for elder Sims to nurture their relationships with children and grandchildren. They can offer guidance, share stories, and create meaningful connections. Take advantage of free childcare by sending the little ones to their grandparents’ house. Elders can mentor their young ones, help with homework, and pass on family traditions. It’s a refreshing break from routine and a way to strengthen family dynamics in a more realistic gameplay experience.

5. Join A Club

power walking

Who says aging means becoming socially isolated? The Get Together expansion pack introduced clubs, where elder Sims can create and join various social groups. Encourage them to form a book club to discuss their favorite reads or a gaming club to challenge others in video games, chess, or card games. Clubs are not only a great way to make new friends and continue socializing, but they also provide opportunities for skill-building. Start a power walking club and enjoy fitness activities while taking in the beautiful scenery of San Sequoia.

6. Develop & Improve Skills

baking skills

Elder Sims can still pursue their passions and learn new skills. Whether it’s knitting, cross-stitching, or honing their logic, gardening, cooking, or baking skills, there is plenty to keep their minds sharp and their hearts content. The Nifty Knitting stuff pack allows Sims to create beautiful knitted items for their loved ones, while the Cottage Living expansion pack introduces cross-stitching. Enabling autonomy in their activities allows elder Sims to explore their interests naturally.

7. Redecorate The House


Feng shui your way to a rejuvenated living space! Spruce up the house with cozy and nostalgic touches, such as comfortable furniture, family photos, and meaningful items. Create a keepsake box to hold cherished possessions that can be passed down through generations. Repurpose old bedrooms into delightful spaces for hobbies like a cozy book nook, a home office, or an art studio. Let the elders revel in the joy of their own personal havens.

8. Take Advantage Of Aspirations


Aspirations are not just for the young! Elder Sims can still have goals and earn life satisfaction points. Use these points to purchase potions and traits that enhance their daily lives. Help them combat the challenges of aging with potions like sleep replacements, moodlet solvers, and even the intriguing potion of youth. Traits from the reward store can assist with their needs, from a steel bladder to ward off bathroom emergencies to the antiseptic trait for cleaner living. And for the altruistic elders, becoming a mentor can speed up their proteges’ skill progression.

9. Celebrate Good Times

vow renewal

Why should the party end when Sims become elders? They can still hit the club, attend university parties, and relive the glory days of their youth! Let them indulge in events and activities that bring them joy and keep their spirits youthful. Throw parties and family gatherings to celebrate their achievements and milestones. And if they’re feeling extra romantic, organize a vow renewal party with all the trimmings of a wedding, including walking down the aisle, cutting the cake, and toasting to everlasting love.

10. Download Mods

senior living mod

For those yearning for even more realistic gameplay experiences, mods can add an extra layer of depth to elder Sims’ lives. The Senior Living Mod by Wicked Pixel introduces new interactions, mood buffs, skills, and services tailored specifically for elder Sims. From simulated ailments like arthritis and dementia to scheduling doctor’s visits and hiring residential caregivers, this mod brings a new level of immersion to the elder gameplay experience.

So, let’s reframe the narrative and celebrate the golden years in The Sims 4! Embrace the wisdom, experience, and endless possibilities of elder Sims. Remember, age is just a number in the virtual world, and the elderly can lead exciting, fulfilling lives. Happy Simming!

The Sims 4 is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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