The Sims 4: Horse Ranch – Obtaining and Understanding Prairie Grass

The Sims 4: Horse Ranch - Obtaining and Understanding Prairie Grass

Prairie Grass: The Sims 4 Guide

Prairie Grass is an essential ingredient for taking care of your fluffy friends in The Sims 4. This fantastic item is not just for feeding horses, but also works like magic for Mini Goats and Mini Sheep. Plus, it’s more cost-effective than regular feed! You can even stash some for later, like a delicious munchable savings account. If that’s not mind-blowing enough, Prairie Grass has another trick up its sleeve—it’s used to create nectar! Cheers to that!

How To Get Prairie Grass In The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Prairie Grass

There are two ways to get your hands on Prairie Grass to satisfy your animal buddies being an online shopaholic, or a good old-fashioned visit to the Bits & Bales Mercantile.

Getting Prairie Grass From Buy Mode

Prairie Grass from Buy Mode

Getting Prairie Grass from Buy Mode is as easy as ordering takeout. Open the menu and head to “Objects by Room, Outdoors.” Look for the cozy “Animals” section and behold the patch of Prairie Grass. It’s a bargain at just 5 Simoleons! And guess what? Right next to it, you’ll find a stack of Prairie Grass Hay for just 4 Simoleons. Now you can have a feast!

Eating directly from the patch is the cool choice, and don’t worry, it won’t put a dent in your virtual wallet. But remember to keep an eye on it because Prairie Grass has a green thumb and might get a little carried away in its growth. Harvesting it will give you cool stuff like Space Rocks, random Nectar bottles, and even exotic crops like Dragon Fruit.

Getting Prairie Grass from Bits & Bales Mercantile

Prairie Grass from Bits & Bales Mercantile

Ever fancied a shopping spree? Well, head on over to the Bits & Bales Mercantile while exploring New Appaloosa in Chestnut Ridge. This fabulous store has everything a discerning Sim could want, including stacks of Prairie Grass Hay priced at only 4 Simoleons. Shopping has never been so rewarding!

What To Do With Prairie Grass In The Sims 4

Prairie Grass Nectar in The Sims 4

Prairie Grass is more than just a snack for your ranch animals—it’s like haute cuisine for them! Horses, along with Mini Goats and Mini Sheep, can’t resist the allure of this wild grass in The Sims 4. But that’s not all! Prairie Grass also plays a starring role in the art of Nectar Making. Who knew grass could be so versatile?

How To Feed Animals Using Prairie Grass

Using Prairie Grass to refill Animal Feeder

Feeding animals normally costs a pretty penny, but not anymore! With Prairie Grass, you can refill their feeders for free! All you need to do is harvest some wild Prairie Grass or grab a few stacks of Prairie Grass Hay, and you’re good to go. Worried about the process? Just click on the Animal Feeder and select “Call Goats and Sheep to Eat.” It’s like a dinner bell for your furry friends!

How To Make Nectar Using Prairie Grass

Making Prairie Grass Nectar

Get ready to become a master mixologist with Prairie Grass by your side. First, purchase a “Rootin’ Fruit’n Nectar Maker” from Buy Mode. Next, achieve Nectar Making level three to unlock the Prairie Grass Nectar recipe. Each batch of Nectar requires three stacks of Prairie Grass Hay, which can be harvested from the wild or purchased. Bottoms up!

The Sims 4 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s time to unleash your inner rancher and nectar connoisseur!

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