The Walking Dead Betrayal brings zombies and closed beta in August.

The Walking Dead Betrayal brings zombies and closed beta in August.

The Walking Dead Betrayal: The Undead Take on Social Deception

Prepare for an undead twist on the social deception genre, as Skybound and Other Ocean Interactive join forces to bring you The Walking Dead Betrayal. This thrilling new game immerses you in the zombie-ridden world of The Walking Dead’s apocalypse, where survival depends on your wit and trust in others.

In The Walking Dead Betrayal, you and seven other players find yourselves in a rural Canadian settlement, desperately scavenging for supplies and constructing vital structures to fortify your stronghold. But beware! Amidst your group lurk hidden traitors, hell-bent on sabotaging your efforts and bringing ruin to your once-thriving settlement. Can you uncover the betrayers before it’s too late?

Drawing inspiration from the critically acclaimed Project Winter, The Walking Dead Betrayal adopts the same successful eight-player format that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Just like its predecessor, this game adds an extra layer of suspense and tension to the mix, making every move and decision you make crucial to your survival.

Responsible for hits like Stacking and IDARB, Other Ocean once again proves their prowess as they collaborate with Skybound to deliver a thrilling gaming experience. Their track record, including collaborative efforts on Minecraft’s New Nintendo 3DS Edition and the MediEvil remake for PlayStation 4, guarantees a game that will keep you hooked.

While initially confirmed for a PC release via Steam, The Walking Dead Betrayal’s closed beta test is just around the corner. Head over to the official Steam listing, sign up for the test, and get ready to plunge into the zombie-infested chaos. Mark your calendars for August 10 when the closed beta test begins, giving you a taste of the action before the full release.

As the undead encroach upon your settlement and danger lurks around every corner, can you trust your fellow survivors? Will you uncover the hidden traitors within your midst? The Walking Dead Betrayal promises to deliver a gaming experience that will keep you entertained, thrilled, and guessing until the very end.