The Witcher 3 – Hidden In The Depths Side Quest Walkthrough

The Witcher 3 - Hidden In The Depths Side Quest Walkthrough

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Faroe, a populated island in Skellige’s southwest, may not be the most happening place in The Witcher 3. It’s like that one friend’s house where nothing exciting ever happens, but you still visit out of courtesy. However, don’t let its unassuming nature fool you because Faroe is hiding some secrets that can spice up your journey as Geralt of Rivia.

But first, let’s talk about a treasure hunt called “Hidden in the Depths.” Picture this: you’re on a beautiful coastal cave, thinking you’ve hit jackpot, only to find out it’s guarded by monsters that make you regret stepping foot on this island. Classic, right? You’ll probably want to level up a bit before taking on these creatures.

Where To Start Treasure Hunt: Hidden In The Depths

Map of Hidden in the Depths treasure hunt

To begin this treasure hunt, head to Skellige’s south. Look for a coastal cave southwest of Harviken. It’s not exactly a walk in the park to find because it’s hidden away from the beaten path. When you finally stumble upon it, you’ll notice a lovely endrega worker guarding the entrance. Do what Geralt does best and eliminate the creature.

The endrega worker guarding the cave

Now, here’s where things get exciting. Search the pockets of a corpse outside the cave. Surprise, surprise! You’ll find a letter and a key. Hold your breath because it’s time to dive into the ocean and swim your way to the cave’s entrance. Adventure awaits, my friend!

Clearing The Cave

Entering the cave

Prepare yourself to navigate a tunnel underwater. Just keep swimming straight, and you’ll emerge on the other side where the cave awaits. Take a breath of fresh air, savor the moment, and get ready to face some insectoid monsters. You’ll come across endrega drones and a venomous arachas. The drones are like pesky little flies, easy to swat away. But the arachas? Now that’s a different story. It’s bigger, badder, and deadlier. Brace yourself for a challenging fight.

Once you’ve triumphed over the creatures within the cave, activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses and go treasure hunting in the back. There, hidden away like Waldo in a book, you’ll find a chest filled with your well-deserved reward. Claim it proudly, knowing you’ve conquered this treacherous quest.

Now that you’ve mastered the intricacies of the “Hidden in the Depths” treasure hunt, you’re one step closer to becoming the ultimate Witcher. Stay tuned for more adventures in The Witcher 3!

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