This chill puzzle game with lo-fi vibes is my new relaxation go-to.

This chill puzzle game with lo-fi vibes is my new relaxation go-to.

The Shape of Things: A Relaxing Puzzle Game with a Twist

Hey there, fellow gamers! Lately, I’ve been on the lookout for a game that can help me unwind and destress. And let me tell you, I found the perfect candidate in The Shape of Things by Hyper Three Studio. This Rubik’s Cube-inspired puzzle game is all about taking your time, enjoying laid-back vibes, and solving puzzles at your own pace. It’s become my go-to choice for those moments when I just need to chill and let my mind wander.

Now, this game definitely pays homage to the iconic Rubik’s Cube with its 3D puzzles. You’ll be twisting and rotating different pieces of various objects, trying to find the perfect position for each one. It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, but with a twist!

Don’t worry though, the puzzles in The Shape of Things won’t make your brain explode. They strike the perfect balance between being challenging enough to keep you engaged and relaxing enough to prevent any controller-throwing incidents. Trust me, that’s a fine line to walk!

And here’s the icing on the cake – the game has a delightful sense of progression. With each puzzle you solve, you unlock even more cool challenges to tackle. It’s like unwrapping a present every time you complete a level! And who doesn’t love presents?

Pieces that Fit

Image 1 Image credit: Maple Whispering Limited

Before we dive any deeper, let me share something that surprised me about The Shape of Things. Yes, it’s a calming and relaxing game, but it also scratches that collector’s itch that we all have. When you first enter the game’s cozy menu room, you’ll be greeted by delicate piano notes and a world of possibilities.

Inside this room, you can interact with different decorations, furniture, and personal belongings. One of the most exciting things to play with is the gachapon machine, where you can unlock new levels! It’s like your very own mini-adventure within the game.

So, you start with seven coins, and those can be exchanged for a gachapon that holds a little world within it. You can then enter this world and find yourself in a new themed location, complete with ambient sounds and objects to put together. It’s like stepping into a beautiful, immersive puzzle.

With every successful twist and turn that brings the objects together, you earn yourself another coin. To unlock more gachapons and expand your collection, you’ll need seven coins each time. It’s a simple and rewarding system that just keeps you coming back for more!

Image 2 > “There are also some lovely smaller details that I’ve come to appreciate about The Shape Things.”

The way you interact with objects in The Shape of Things is reminiscent of playing with a Rubik’s Cube. Using the shoulder buttons on the Switch, you can select different pieces of an object. Then, it’s all about using the analog sticks to push, pull, rotate, and piece together these objects. It’s like playing a virtual version of that satisfying feeling when all the little cubes click into place on a real Rubik’s Cube, except with less frustration!

Now, let’s talk about one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game – the small details. Aside from the satisfying puzzle mechanics, The Shape of Things goes above and beyond to create an immersive experience. Even in the home menu room, you can change the time of day and weather outside. It’s the little things, like listening to the rain or watching a beautiful sunset, that make this game truly special.

Alright, fellow gamers, listen up! As someone who’s not the world’s best puzzle solver, I wholeheartedly recommend The Shape of Things. It’s been an absolute blast for me, and if you’re looking for a chill game to wind down your day, look no further.

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