Warzone 2: The Ultimate TAQ-V Loadout and Class Setup

Warzone 2: The Ultimate TAQ-V Loadout and Class Setup

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Inspired by the real-life FN SCAR series, the TAQ-V is a gas-operated short-stroke battle rifle in Warzone 2. It’s not just any BR though, it’s a beast that outperforms the competition. Move over Lachmann-762, Cronen Squall, and FTAC Recon, there is a new king in town.

The base TAQ-V receiver may have a recoil that seems crazier than a roller coaster, but fear not! With the right build and class setup, this bad boy turns into a steady, consistent, and powerful monster for mid- to long-range battles. Brace yourselves for the best TAQ-V loadout in the latest season of Warzone 2.

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The Best Attachments for TAQ-V

The TAQ-V doesn’t need an aim sight or a laser, but it can definitely benefit from some recoil and control attachments like underbarrels and rear grips.

Here’s a table showcasing the best attachment options for each part of the TAQ-V in Warzone 2:

TAQ-V Parts Best Attachment
Muzzle Sakin Tread-40
Barrel 18” Precision-6
Underbarrel FTAC Ripper 56
Optic Aim OP-V4
Magazine 50 Round Drum
Rear Grip FSS Combat
Stock Tactique Brute

TAQ-V Class Setup and Tuning

The ideal build for the TAQ-V includes the Sakin Tread-40 muzzle, 18” Precision-6 barrel, FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel, FSS Combat rear grip, and the 50-Round Drum magazine. But we can’t just stop there, we need to fine-tune this bad boy too:

  • Sakin Tread-40: Focus on reducing that recoil from ↑ +0.45 to a manageable ↑ +0.15
  • 18” Precision-6: We want to balance things out, so let’s reduce the recoil from ↑ +0.50 to a more reasonable -0.10
  • FTAC Ripper 56: Keep the control and accuracy high, but lessen the recoil from ↑ +0.70 to a comfortable ↑ +0.35
  • FSS Combat Grip: Let’s aim for a balanced grip, so reduce the recoil from ↑ +0.50 to a steady ↑ +0.20

The Best TAQ-V Loadout

Creating the ultimate loadout for the TAQ-V requires pairing it with an SMG as a secondary weapon and equipping some speed-improving perks.

Secondary Weapon

The current META secondary for the TAQ-V is none other than the trusty ISO 45. This bad boy compensates for the BR’s slow ADS speed and packs a punch in close-range combat.


The best perks for the TAQ-V loadout are Overkill, Fast Hand, Double Time, and High Alert. With Overkill, you can choose a proper secondary weapon to complement this battle rifle, while High Alert gives you the upper hand in reacting to threats. Meanwhile, Fast Hand and Double Time balance out the loadout’s speed.


For tactical equipment, we recommend Smoke Grenades for some tactical maneuverability. However, since the TAQ-V excels in mid- to long-range battles, go for Grenades as your lethal equipment for some explosive fun.

Is TAQ-V Any Good?

With a pick rate of 3.3%, the TAQ-V is currently the second-best battle rifle in Warzone 2. It’s an S-Tier weapon in Season 4’s META and considered one of the top 10 choices in Vondel. That’s some impressive firepower right there!

Warzone 2 is available now for PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S.

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