What the Golf’s Among Us collab hits PC and Switch tomorrow

What the Golf's Among Us collab hits PC and Switch tomorrow

What the Golf by developer Triband has some exciting updates in store! First off, its free collaboration with Among Us is leaping from Apple Arcade to PC and Switch tomorrow, August 3rd. That’s right, you’ll be golfing your way through imposters and crewmates in a hilariously absurd fashion! Expect surprises, space rockets, UFOs, vending machines, and even vents – all perfect for golfing! And the best part? This update adds approximately 30 minutes of extra playtime.

But that’s not all! What the Golf is also getting ready to swing into action on PlayStation 4 and 5 very soon. Get ready for DualSense support and access to all the updates released for the game so far, all at launch. And here’s some exciting news for all you PlayStation, Switch, and PC owners: there will be free limited-time seasonal content throughout the year!

Prepare for new stages and thrilling surprises, just in time for holidays and special events. Starting with Beware of the Bogeyman, a Halloween-themed extravaganza featuring five new levels. This eerie treat will be available from October 23rd to November 5th. But don’t worry, more surprises are on the horizon for Thanksgiving, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and even Cheese Lovers Day!

In case you haven’t experienced What the Golf yet, it’s a delightful blend of wonderfully absurd mini-games with a golfing twist. As you progress, the rules get increasingly wacky – one moment you’re hitting your golf ball as it rotates awkwardly on an office chair, and the next, you’re teeing off into outer space! Even if you’re not typically a golf fan, this game will constantly surprise and bring you joy.

Since its release on Apple Arcade, What the Golf has made its way to PC and Switch, with additional free content along the way. And now, with the Among Us collaboration hitting other platforms, the fun just keeps on expanding. Triband has truly hit a hole-in-one with this gem, and it was easily one of our favorite games of 2019.

So get ready to tee off in style with What the Golf and enjoy all the exciting updates and collaborations coming your way. The game’s quirky humor and entertaining gameplay will keep you coming back for more. Happy golfing, everyone!