Why Choose Gunslinger in Remnant 2

Why Choose Gunslinger in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 – The Gunslinger: A Wild West Desperado


After a successful early launch window that shot up to the top of the Steam charts, Remnant 2 has officially arrived for all players ready to embark on their co-op Soulslike shooter adventure. And let me tell you, my trigger-happy friends, the first few days of the game’s release have been a gold mine for newbies. There’s already plenty of online content highlighting the best builds for each starting archetype. But let’s cut to the chase! If you’re just joining in today, make sure to unlock Remnant 2’s Gunslinger as soon as you can, pardner. Trust me, it’s worth it!

The Gunslinger is Remnant 2’s spin on the wild west desperado. As you saddle up and spend some time in the initial hours of the game, you’ll quickly realize the advantages it has over other ranged-focused classes. Not only do the Gunslinger’s starting weapons pack a punch, but their default skill is like a magic bullet that can instantly bring down tougher foes. And the best part? It has a quick cooldown even at level 1. Whether you’re a solo gunslinger or a range-hungry damage dealer, choosing the Gunslinger as your first archetype is a no-brainer.

Now, before you go roaming the dusty plains of Remnant 2, let’s talk about the perks and skills that make the Gunslinger stand out from the crowd.

Gunslinger Perks and Skills

Perks on the Loose

What the Gunslinger lacks in range compared to the Hunter, they more than make up for with a considerable ammo pool. Many of the Gunslinger’s class skills and perks are designed to give you what feels like an infinite ammo reserve. This comes in mighty handy, especially when you’re dishing out mid-range mayhem. And when foes start closing in, fear not! The Gunslinger tends to be a little sturdier than the Hunter, increasing your chances of surviving those nail-biting encounters.

But enough talk, let’s get down to the perks that will turn you into the deadliest gunslinger in the west:

  • Swift Shot: Gain a 1.5% Fire Rate and 2.5% Ranged Damage boost. It’s like drinking multiple cups of coffee before a quickdraw duel.
  • Posse Up: Ammo pickups deliver 20% additional ammo per player, with the bonus split among your teammates. It’s time to share the wealth, partner!
  • Quick Hands: Reload your firearms with blinding speed, gaining a 10% Reload Speed boost. Faster reloads mean more lead downrange.
  • Sleight of Hand: Using a Relic reloads your equipped firearm. It’s like having a ghostly gunslinger’s hand at your side.
  • Loaded: Activate any Gunslinger skill, and both your weapons are instantly reloaded. And, for the next 5 seconds, you have infinite ammo reserves on all your weapons. Talk about firepower!

Skills That Make Bandits Weep

Remnant 2’s explosive gameplay mixed with a loot frenzy means you’ll be running around guns ablaze, and the Gunslinger is the epitome of this power fantasy. Behold the skills that will make bandits tremble in their boots:

  • Quick Draw: Unleash up to 6 Critical shots from the hip, each dealing 35 base damage and causing double stagger. One press and you’ll be raining lead on every enemy within 25 meters. And if you hold and release, you can manually aim for one powerful shot. Talk about a peacemaker!
  • Sidewinder: Like a rattlesnake strike, you can call upon the power of the Desert Sidewinder. This grants a 50% boost to ADS Movement Speed and Draw/Swap Speed. Cycling weapons even reloads them automatically. Lasts 12 seconds and ensures you’re as fast as lightning.
  • Bulletstorm: Unleash the fury of the Gunslinger with a 20% Fire Rate boost and a 50% Reload Speed increase for all ranged weapons. Single-shot weapons become fully automatic, and each kill instantly reloads your current weapon. Bows and Crossbows even gain a 15% Critical Chance and a 50% increased Projectile Speed. It’s raining bullets, partner!

Now, if you didn’t have the fortune of pre-ordering Remnant 2 and unlocking the Gunslinger right away, don’t you worry. You can still get your mitts on this class by making some progress through the campaGameTopic. Just stop by Mudtooth at Ward 13, cycle through all the dialogue options until he starts reminiscing, and visit him again after completing more of the main story to obtain the Old Whistle. Pay another visit to Wally at the Ward 13 Docks, and with the Old Whistle in hand, he’ll grant you the Iron Cylinder. Equip it, and ye shall be reborn as a true Gunslinger.

Remnant 2 is available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. So grab your six-shooter and get ready to write your legend on the wild frontier.

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