Why Kakashi’s Sharingan differs from Obito’s in Naruto

Why Kakashi's Sharingan differs from Obito's in Naruto

Kakashi and Obito: The Power of Sharingan Unveiled!

Kakashi and Obito

During the 3rd Ninja War, Obito Uchiha bestowed his left eye upon his friend-turned-rival, Hatake Kakashi. It was a parting gift, an eye-opening gesture that transformed Kakashi into the renowned Kakashi of the Sharingan. With this incredible power, Kakashi gained the ability to copy any jutsu that comes his way. But what if I told you this power was just the tip of the sharingan iceberg? Let’s unravel the mystery behind their divergent abilities!

The Compatibility Factor

Kakashi and Obito

Sharingan, being a priceless dojutsu, can only be awakened by those with Uchiha blood coursing through their veins. While non-Uchiha like Kakashi and Danzo can wield the Sharingan, they can never truly tap into its full potential. Here lies the first and most significant difference between Kakashi and Obito: bloodline compatibility.

As an Uchiha, Obito’s body is seamlessly attuned to the Sharingan’s power. His chakra naturally flows to his eyes, granting him prolonged usage without adverse effects. The more he utilizes the Sharingan, the easier control becomes. On the other hand, Kakashi’s body is not inherently designed for the Sharingan. While he can pour chakra into it to activate the power, being a non-Uchiha comes at a cost. The Sharingan rapidly drains Kakashi’s chakra, limiting its usage to battle scenarios. Hence, his iconic move, the Kamui, can only be employed sparingly. To save precious chakra outside of combat, Kakashi cleverly covers his left eye on a day-to-day basis.

Power Gap in Physical Capabilities

Kakashi and Obito

While Kakashi is a prodigious shinobi in his own right, physically, he is not far removed from his average ninja counterparts. His raw strength, endurance, and chakra pool remain ordinary. Yet, that doesn’t discourage Kakashi. Instead, he embraces his limitations and crafts a fighting style that maximizes his innate abilities. Through sheer skill and tactical brilliance, Kakashi triumphs over formidable foes like Zabuza and Kakuzu, even holding his ground against monstrous adversaries like Kisame and Deidara.

Obito’s physicality, despite being an Uchiha, is not inherently exceptional either. The Uchiha clan’s prowess lies in genjutsu and ninjutsu, not physical might. However, Obito’s life took a drastic turn when he was saved by Madara Uchiha and the white Zetsu. A piece of the white Zetsu’s body was implanted into Obito’s crushed upper body, endowing him with immense strength and above-average endurance. Assimilating with the white Zetsu also enhanced Obito’s chakra pool. With these newfound physical capabilities, Obito effortlessly wields the Sharingan without adverse effects.

The Mastery Mirage

Kakashi and Obito

One may assume that Kakashi’s remarkable mastery of the Sharingan comes from years of training, experience, and experimentation. While that’s partially true, Kakashi has barely scratched the surface of the Sharingan’s potential. His progress is hindered by the limitations of being a non-Uchiha and the lack of living Uchiha to guide him. The reality is, Kakashi has not yet fully mastered the Sharingan.

In contrast, Obito, selected by the legendary shinobi Madara Uchiha as his apprentice, has reached the zenith of Sharingan mastery. Madara bestowed upon Obito the knowledge and teachings that pushed the Sharingan to its absolute limits. Obito became the chosen one, entrusted with Madara’s lifelong dream. As a result, Obito blossomed into one of the world’s strongest shinobi by the time Madara passed away.

To summarize, Obito’s superior Sharingan stems from three factors: bloodline compatibility, enhanced physical capabilities through white Zetsu integration, and invaluable teachings from the legendary Madara Uchiha.

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