Why Play a Hunter in Remnant 2

Why Play a Hunter in Remnant 2

Remnant 2: Hunter – The Ultimate Long-Range Takedown Specialist

Whether you prefer flying solo or fighting alongside your squad, if you’ve graced the realms of Remnant 2 during its early launch, you know firsthand the overwhelming power certain enemy types possess. While the sequel introduces new melee options, let’s be real – combat in Remnant 2 revolves around ranged attacks. And if you’re looking for an effective, damage-dealing class that keeps you safely out of harm’s way, then the Hunter is your go-to choice.

Why should you choose the Hunter? Well, for starters, it’s the only returning class from Remnant: From The Ashes. Spending just a bit of time with this archetype in the early stages of the game reveals why it’s such a popular pick. With a skill that marks all nearby enemies and an incredibly powerful long gun, the Hunter is tailor-made for those who don’t want to be swarmed by eldritch horrors. Say goodbye to being overwhelmed when you can dispatch enemies from a safe distance!

Remnant 2: Hunter Perks and Skills

Remnant 2 Hunter

Remnant 2 Hunter Perks

Perk Name Perk Type Benefit
Deadeye Damage Gain 4% Ranged Damage and 1.5% Weakspot Damage
Return to Sender Team Kills due to Weakspot Damage and Critical Hits increase Ammo drops by 25%
Urgency Utility Firearms gain 15% Reload Speed after kills. Lasts for 3 seconds
Intuition Relic Using a Relic extends the duration of any active Hunter skill by 5 seconds
Dead to Rights Prime Dealing 65 base Ranged Weakspot Damage extends the duration of active Hunter Skills by 2.5 seconds

Remnant 2 Hunter Skills

Skill Name Skill Description
Hunter’s Mark Increases the Hunter’s spatial awareness, marking all enemies within 35 meters. Also grants 15% increased Ranged and Melee Damage for 25 seconds.
Hunter’s Focus Heightens the Hunter’s senses, applying Mark to an enemy when aimed at for 0.01 seconds. Continuous aim for 1 second grants Focused state with various bonuses.
Hunter’s Shroud Hunter becomes Shrouded, making them harder to hit. Exiting Shroud marks nearby enemies and grants Ambush for 2 seconds, increasing damage by 50%.

Playing as a Hunter in single-player can be quite a challenge if you don’t maximize the class’s strengths. Remember, your main advantage lies in your long-range prowess, so don’t let panic set in when you find yourself swarmed by mobs at close range. Instead, utilize your skills and perks that boost Weakspot Damage and Burst Damage, taking advantage of bonuses that stack with each other. With careful positioning, tactical advancement, and precise aim at enemy weak spots, the Hunter can wipe out foes without ever needing to come within 10 meters of danger. This makes the Hunter one of the most formidable classes for boss and elite enemy fights, even in solo play.

So gear up, mark your targets, and let loose your deadly long-range arsenal. Remnant 2 releases on July 25 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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