Wild Overwatch 2 Match with 4 Ramattras Simultaneously

Wild Overwatch 2 Match with 4 Ramattras Simultaneously

Four Ramattras Battle in Overwatch 2: A Hilarious Showdown

By combining a double mirror match with Echo’s ultimate, some Overwatch 2 players had four Ramattras on the map at the same time. This epic play showcased the sheer ridiculousness of having multiple Ramattras and became the source of one of the funniest memes surrounding the newest tanks in Overwatch 2.

Ramattra, the leader of the Null Sector omnic terrorist group, is a relatively new character in Overwatch 2. Being the most recent Tank hero introduced after the game’s launch, he has quickly become a fan favorite.


In a recent video shared by Redditor and Overwatch 2 enthusiast Zeukiiii, both teams had Ramattras and an Echo as their heroes. The clip showed both Ramattras activating their Annihilation ultimates, creating a battlefield filled with chaos. To make things even more comical, both Echos used their Duplicate ultimates to transform into Ramattras as well, resulting in a momentary spectacle of four tank heroes battling it out.

  • Annihilation: Creates a dangerous zone where nearby enemies take damage when near Ramattra.
  • Duplicate: Allows Echo to use her target’s ultimate ability if charged up quickly enough.
Four Ramattras

Unfortunately, the team fight concluded hastily, and the bonus Ramattras didn’t have the chance to unleash their Annihilation. Otherwise, the battlefield would have been a truly horrifying sight for both teams.

Fans found this Ramattra showdown incredibly entertaining and couldn’t help joking about the suffering experienced by both sides of the battlefield. They playfully referenced Ramattra’s iconic voice line, “How much have you suffered as I have?” accompanying his ultimate ability. One fan even compared this spectacle to playing “mystery heroes with extra steps,” reminiscent of the Overwatch game mode that often sets up mirror matches like this. Another fan highlighted the impressive synergy between Ramattra’s powerful kit and Echo’s ultimate ability.

Aside from the gameplay, Ramattra’s fantastic voice actor and intense delivery have made him an unforgettable character in Overwatch 2. The game even joined in on the fun during April Fool’s Day by transforming his Annihilation activation line into a full-blown villain monologue that often outlasted the ultimate itself.

While Overwatch 2 teases the introduction of a new solar-themed support hero in Season 6, fans can expect a new tank hero sometime next year. Perhaps, if a bombastic personality like Mauga is introduced, their voice lines will be as memorable as Ramattra’s.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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