Wonder Woman game by Monolith needs one Shadow of War feature to stand out.

Wonder Woman game by Monolith needs one Shadow of War feature to stand out.

Monolith’s Wonder Woman: Putting Wonder Woman in the Spotlight

Wonder Woman

Despite being around since 1941, Wonder Woman has been missing in action when it comes to video games. Sure, she’s had a few appearances in ensemble titles like Injustice 2, DC Universe Online, and even LEGO Batman, but she’s never had her own game. It’s kind of ridiculous considering how popular the character is and how perfectly her powers lend themselves to gaming. Luckily, Monolith Productions is working hard to rectify this long overdue situation.

Announced back in December 2021, Monolith’s Wonder Woman game may not have revealed much yet, but it’s overflowing with potential. Wonder Woman is an excellent hero to adapt into a game, with her impressive abilities and a slew of potential enemies. Plus, she comes with some fantastic narratives already built-in. With Monolith, the studio behind some intense power-packed games like Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, at the helm, there’s no doubt that Wonder Woman is in good hands.

But what could Monolith borrow from its Middle-Earth games to make Wonder Woman shine? One particular system from Shadow of War stands out as a perfect fit.

Monolith’s Wonder Woman Needs to Borrow Shadow of War’s Gear System

While Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor was a straightforward action-adventure game, its sequel, Shadow of War, decided to mix things up a bit. In addition to keeping most of the mechanics of its predecessor, Shadow of War introduced RPG elements into the mix, with the highlight being the gear and loot system. Players could unlock various gear sets through exploration, completing missions, side quests, and good old-fashioned grinding. The game boasted eight distinct gear categories, each offering unique benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of these gear categories:

Gear Category Description
Swords Rarer swords dealt more damage and sometimes had special effects.
Daggers Found in the wild, they increased the damage of stealth attacks.
Ranged Weapons Hammers, bows, and longbows fell under this category, with rarer items offering special effects to projectiles.
Armor Determined the player’s max health and provided unique abilities upon receiving damage.
Cloaks Improved stealth abilities.
Runes Increased the player’s max focus.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s gear system allowed for a great deal of customization and player freedom. With eight gear categories to experiment with, players could create their own unique builds that supported their playstyle. The gear system even allowed players to customize the appearance of the protagonist, Talion, which made them feel more invested in the character and his story. And that’s exactly why Monolith’s Wonder Woman game should incorporate a similar gear system.

Wonder Woman already has a range of iconic weapons and accessories, such as her sword, shield, lasso, armor, and tiara. Each of these could have its own set of gear options, providing incentives for players to keep playing, unlock new abilities, and obtain better equipment. Additionally, players would have the freedom to customize Diana Prince’s appearance. Wonder Woman has had numerous iconic outfits over the years, and Monolith could use the gear system to reference and include them, just like Injustice 2 did with its own gear system.

Monolith’s Wonder Woman is currently in development, and we can’t wait to see the Amazonian warrior finally take center stage.

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