The Best Races to Play as Priests in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft features numerous classes, with certain races excelling in the Priest role.

Wow Best Races for Priest Players

World of Warcraft Priest

The world of Azeroth and World of Warcraft is filled with a large variety of races that can take on a lot of roles throughout the world as they engage in various battles. However, some classes of players are more focused on the healing and restoration of allies than they are on dealing constant damage against foes.

Priests are one of the few roles that players can take on in World of Warcraft that doesn’t involve them trying to be the greatest warrior possible. They are tasked with healing allies and even raising their fallen friends after death. All of this makes Priests incredibly important, and few races are well-known for their ability to take on the Priest role capably.

💡 The Best Races for Priests

8. Void Elf

World of Warcraft Priest Void Elf
  • Make For Great Lore Shadow Priests
  • Driven Mad By Their Old Gods

The Void Elf race is deeply steeped in magical ancestry, and so any magical-based class such as Priest will find them a strong contender simply for the lore and look. But their racial abilities also generally make an impact when considering the type of role that a Priest will play in any party.

Void Elves make for great Shadow Priests in particular, due to their Preternatural Calm, which means they don’t suffer push-back from spells that can interrupt their casting. Entropic Embrace is another ability that is hugely influential for this role as it gives a damage boost that works well under the types of damage Priests will normally operate. Finally, they have Spatial Rift to help get themselves out of immediate danger. This is useful since Priests normally don’t get a lot of help with moving quickly to help allies they aren’t close enough to.

7. Goblin

World of Warcraft Death Knight Goblin
  • Driven By Greed To Seek The Holy Light
  • Steal From Other Religions To Form Theirs

Another race, but a Horde one, which is great for Shadow Priest work, the Goblins are small in stature and therefore have the right look for fearsome creatures who operate best in the background on the battlefield. Goblins are uncommon for front-line warriors that get up close with the enemy, but as backup characters that can help heal and use magic on enemies, they are highly effective.

One of the best things about Goblins in World of Warcraft is their ability to reposition with Rocket Jump, helping the lack of Priestly mobility immensely. They also have a small, but important passive in Time is Money, which gives a boost to haste that Priests will make great use of with their rotations.

6. Pandaren

World of Warcraft Priest Pandaren
  • Pray To The Holy Light
  • Fight For Both Sides

The Pandaren are the first race available in World of Warcraft to both the Alliance and the Horde, and they make for great Priests for a number of reasons. Their neutrality in the great battle between Humans and Orcs helps to make them feel like a race whose lore and personality are built for players to create Priestly characters who heal the sick as opposed to wantonly murdering their way through Azeroth.

The active racial for Pandaren, Quaking Palm, allows Pandaren to incapacitate targets just long enough to back away from combat. This is another great way for Priests to help friends in combat, and they can also gain a Psychic Scream that helps as a defensive technique as well. All of this put together with the abilities a Priest can gain makes a Pandaren the ultimate defensive and buffing tool for any party.

5. Troll

Troll Priest In World Of Warcraft
  • Worship Loa Spirits
  • Unconventional Voodoo Priests

The Troll race is another one that can make for unusual Priests. Indeed, they don’t pray to the Holy Light. Instead, they worship their own Loa Spirits, who give them powers that are similar to those of the Light. They are considered the closest thing that World of Warcraft has to voodoo priests, and they dress accordingly.

The look is impressive. While Trolls don’t come with as many abilities specifically geared to help them as priests as some other races, their lore and appearance alone convince many players to take them on. They do have extra health regeneration, which allows them to stay in battle for longer helping their allies. One of their racial reduces movement impairing effects, making it harder for enemies to stop them escaping the heat of the battle.

4. Tauren

Tauren Priest In World Of Warcraft
  • Seem To Use Light Of The Sun In Their Spells
  • Can Become Priests Since The Cataclysm

The Tauren gained the ability to become Priests more recently, following the Cataclysm, and seem to draw power from the same place as Tauren Paladins. The idea of a huge Tauren as a Priest is quite unusual, but the lore of the Tauren race and their appearance makes it hugely fun to put a character like this together.

The shamanistic roots of the Tauren make for a fascinating bit of lore that can be built around a Tauren Priest. Their racials include a buff that adds 2% to healing, and they naturally come with heightened stamina that can help them stay out of the thick of the fight. All of this makes Tauren useful as Priests, and it could be something different since it isn’t often used.

3. Undead

World of Warcraft Priest Undead
  • Known As Forsaken Priests
  • Clerics Of The Cult Of Forgotten Shadows

Probably the best of the Horde options when it comes to becoming a Priest, the Undead seem like a strange choice to be the ones healing the sick and regenerating the dead. However, their Will of the Forsaken ability stops them from being caught by effects such as charms and fears. This means that they won’t be interrupted in providing vital healing and other positive effects for their party in combat.

The Undead also come with useful passive abilities such as Shadow Resistance and Touch of the Grave, which can help reduce the shadow damage that the player takes while also dealing some out to enemies. In addition to the great lore of the Undead faction and the wonderful look that an Undead Priest gets, all of this makes them highly suitable for a place as Priests.

2. Night Elf

World of Warcraft Priest Night Elf
  • Originally An All-Female Priesthood
  • Pray To The Moon Goddess, Elune

The Night Elves are an Alliance race who have several particularly great traits and abilities for taking on the role of Priests. Their active racial Shadowmeld makes them immune against powerful attacks and large numbers of opponents. Night Elves are incredibly useful in all magical roles and classes, and their passive abilities can also be hugely significant for Priestly duties.

Shadowmeld also allows players to escape combat to replenish their mana. Meanwhile, the Quickness ability gives extra movement speed and dodge chance, so players can stay near the combat without putting themselves at as much danger as normal. Additionally, Touch of Elune is a passive ability that increases haste during the day and critical strike during the night. All of this makes a Night Elf a great choice for a Priest class, especially since their appearance and lore fit with the style very well.

1. Human

World of Warcraft Death Knight Human
  • First Race To Discover The Holy Light On Azeroth
  • Led Most Alliance Races To Their Belief

It is difficult, with the slight level of difference between most factions in any class, to discount Human as a great racial option for almost anything. Humans have the active racial Will to Survive, which allows them to break stuns regularly. The Human Spirit passive trait increases all of their secondary stats by a small percentage.

Both of these traits, along with the great desTopics for humans, the wonderful lore that is built around them in-universe. The beautifully desTopiced areas of Azeroth that fall under the human domain, make them a great choice for Priest duties.

Additional Information and FAQs

Q: Is this list definitive? A: This list is based on current knowledge and update until January 11, 2024. The game is always evolving, and new updates may change the viability of different races for Priests.

Q: Can I still play as a Priest if I choose a race not listed here? A: Absolutely! While these races have specific racial abilities that can benefit a Priest’s playstyle, any race can excel at playing a Priest with the right skill and strategy.

Q: Are Priests the only class that can heal in World of Warcraft? A: No, there are several other classes in World of Warcraft that have healing abilities, such as Druids, Paladins, and Shamans. Priests, however, are dedicated healers and excel in their healing capabilities.

Q: Can Priests also deal damage in addition to healing? A: Yes, Priests have the ability to deal damage in addition to healing. They can choose to specialize in Shadow spells, which are powerful offensive spells, while still having access to their healing abilities.

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Now that you know the best races to play as Priests in World of Warcraft, go forth and heal your allies with divine power! Share this article with your gaming friends and let us know which race you prefer to play as a Priest.💪🎮✨

World of Warcraft is currently available on PC.