Xbox Game Pass announces 6 games for August 2023

Xbox Game Pass announces 6 games for August 2023

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers in for an Epic August!

Xbox Game Pass Games August 2023

It’s that time of the month again, fellow gamers! Brace yourselves for the thrilling announcement of new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in August 2023. Microsoft has curated an incredible lineup to keep us entertained throughout the first half of the month. So, let’s dive into the hilarity and adventure that awaits!

Prepare for the Gaming Extravaganza!

We kick off August with a bang! Today, you can plunge into the critically acclaimed 2D platformer, Celeste. Strap in and be prepared to scream, laugh, and maybe even cry as you navigate through its challenging, pixelated world. This gem is available across the cloud, consoles, and PC, ensuring that every gamer can join in on the fun!

But wait, there’s more! On August 3, get ready to embark on A Short Hike, a cozy game that blends the collect-a-thon gameplay of Super Mario 64 with the chill vibes of Animal Crossing. It’ll be like vacationing in a world where every step brings joy and surprises.

If that’s not enough, brace yourselves for the explosive action of Broforce Forever on August 8. It’s a run-and-gun 2D side-scroller packed with over-the-top action and hilarious character parodies. This game will leave you laughing and craving more!

Then, on August 9, prepare to journey into the haunting realm of Limbo. With its stunning black-and-white art style and mind-bending puzzles, Limbo will send shivers down your spine as you navigate a world where death is just a step away. No worries, though – the gruesome deaths are part of the fun! Trust us.

Xbox Game Pass Games

Hold on tight, because on August 10, you’ll soar through the skies with Airborne Kingdom. Unleash your inner city planner and master the art of skyborne civilization. Design your floating city and watch it thrive as you explore the open skies. It’s a management game like no other!

Last but not least, gear up for an intergalactic adventure on August 15 with Everspace 2. Previously available on PC Game Pass, it’s now soaring onto the cloud and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Fire up those engines and get ready to unleash electrifying space combat like never before!

More Excitement on the Horizon!

Upcoming Xbox Game Pass Games

As hungry gamers, we’re always craving more. Well, fear not, dear friends! Our appetites will be satisfied as the month progresses. The second half of August 2023 promises even more heart-pounding adventures.

On August 18, get ready to face your worst nightmares in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre multiplayer horror game. Test your survival skills in this blood-drenched homage to the iconic horror franchise. Remember, you’re not alone in this madness, because misery loves company!

And hold onto your hats because on August 29, we have a throwback RPG that will transport you to realms beyond imagination. Sea of Stars is set to deliver an unforgettable retro experience that’ll have you hooked from the get-go. Get ready to embark on an epic quest that’ll make you feel like a true hero!

These are just the tasty morsels Microsoft has revealed so far. Stay on the lookout for more exciting additions in the second half of August 2023. The gaming universe is full of surprises, and Xbox Game Pass is your golden ticket to endless fun and adventure!

Now, grab your controllers, sharpen your reflexes, and prepare for the gaming extravaganza of a lifetime with Xbox Game Pass. Happy gaming, everyone!