Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Unhappy About Missing Feature

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Unhappy About Missing Feature

Xbox Game Pass: Missing Online Multiplayer and Subscriber Opinions

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As a dedicated gamer, nothing brings me more joy than diving into the exciting world of Xbox Game Pass. However, recent news about the release of Xbox Game Pass Core has sparked some lively discussions among subscribers. Let’s explore the missing feature that has left fans a tad disappointed and hear what they have to say about it.

The Monthly Game Lineup:

Each month, the folks at Microsoft announce the incredible lineup of games joining and bidding farewell to Xbox Game Pass. In the second half of July 2023, we’re set to welcome five exciting additions, including the action-packed Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem and the immersive storytelling adventure, Venba. But alas, Marvel’s Avengers and Expeditions: Rome will be bidding us farewell on July 31, due to the influx of new games. Subscribers not only get access to an ever-rotating collection of games from third-party developers but also enjoy exclusive discounts and day one releases from first-party titles. Xbox Game Pass Core is the shiny new addition to Microsoft’s subscription model, set to replace Xbox Live Gold and Deals with Gold.

The Online Multiplayer Conundrum:

It seems like not everyone is over the moon about the changes Xbox Game Pass Core brings. One particularly unhappy camper is our friend Armadyz, who, along with other Xbox Game Pass subscribers, is disappointed that the console tier no longer includes online multiplayer support. For a price of $10.99 a month, fans of the Console tier will now need to opt for either Core or Ultimate subscriptions to enjoy online gaming. While online multiplayer wasn’t available in the Console tier before, its absence now has left potential new subscribers scratching their heads in confusion.

Subscriber Debates and Opinions:

This missing online multiplayer benefit has ignited debates among gamers, particularly in the vibrant community of Xbox fans on Reddit. Some users passionately argue that Microsoft should include online multiplayer in the Xbox Game Pass Console tier. They believe this change is necessary since Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold will soon become one unified service on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. On the other hand, some fans feel that the Console tier should remain focused on providing a “base” Xbox Game Pass experience, catering to those who prefer single-player adventures over multiplayer mayhem.

 <td>1. Allow fans to access a vast library of single-player games without the multiplayer distractions.</td>
Benefits of Online Multiplayer Support in Console Tier: Reasons to Maintain Console as a Single-Player Haven:
  1. Attract more gamers to sign up for Xbox Game Pass Console subscription.
  1. Increase affordability for players who don’t need all the Ultimate benefits.
  1. Ensure Xbox Game Pass Ultimate remains the top tier for those seeking the complete gaming package.
  1. Offer greater versatility and options for gamers.
  1. Protect the unique identity of the Console tier and cater to fans who prioritize solo gaming experiences.

A Glimpse Into the Future:

While Microsoft hasn’t confirmed any changes to Xbox Game Pass Console benefits just yet, we can’t help but wonder what lies in store for the subscribers of this particular tier. Adding online multiplayer support to the Console tier could potentially entice more players to join. However, it might lead to a decrease in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on consoles since the Console tier offers most benefits at a lower monthly price.

Final Thoughts:

One thing we can all agree on is that regardless of the subscription tier you choose, Xbox Game Pass showers you with an incredible selection of hit titles. While Xbox Game Pass Core may not receive new games as frequently as the Console and Ultimate subscriptions, Core subscribers can still look forward to exciting additions two or three times a year. So, grab your controllers, prepare for unforgettable adventures, and let Xbox Game Pass immerse you in the wonders of gaming.

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