Yakuza Kiwami 2: Cabaret Club Guide

Yakuza Kiwami 2: Cabaret Club Guide

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As with every game in the series, Yakuza Kiwami 2 offers a plethora of optional activities for you to indulge in. And one of them is running a Cabaret Club called Club Shine. It’s quite similar to the mini-game from Yakuza 0, but with a twist – this time, Kiryu is in charge of running things.

Now, you might be thinking, “Kiryu, really? Is he cut out for this job?” Well, fear not, because with a little intervention from you, he can become the top Cabaret Club manager in all of Sotenbori. But before you can reach those lofty heights, you need to know how it all works. Fortunately, everything you need to learn is right here in this guide.

Updated August 2, 2023, by Sean Murray: If your goal is to win the Cabaret Club Grand Prix in Yakuza Kiwami 2, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve given this guide a fresh update with improved tips and better formatting to make sure you become the undisputed Cabaret Club champion with ease.

Unlocking The Cabaret Club Mini-Game

Kiryu in Club Shine

At the start of the game, Kiryu isn’t involved in the Cabaret Club business. So you’ll need to play through the first few chapters to unlock this exciting mini-game. Don’t worry though, it’s impossible to miss.

In chapter four, as you stroll past a place called Club Shine, an amazing cutscene unfolds, culminating in Kiryu becoming the manager of the club. It’s at this point that you gain access to the Cabaret Club activity.

Running A Night

Cabaret Club Ranking Match

Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you can open your Cabaret Club for the night by interacting with Yuki and selecting “Ranking Match” from the menu.

Selecting Your Hostesses

Cabaret Club Shift Line-Up

Before you start the night, the game will ask if you’re happy with your hostess line-up. You have the option to change your crew either from here or in the hostess menu.

In the early stages, your options for hostesses will be limited. But as you build up your roster, choosing the right crew becomes vital. Here are some things to consider:

Things To Consider What It Is And Its Impact
Their Mood – The mood of your hostesses is indicated using smilies.
– If they have a blue frown face, it’s best to remove them from the line-up. Sad hostesses perform worse.
– The mood is influenced by how often you make them work, so give them a break occasionally.
Their Stats – Each hostess has different HP, Talk, Party, Love, and Skill stats.
– HP represents stamina and drains while working.
– Aim for a balanced line-up with hostesses who excel in different areas.
Their Looks – Hostesses are divided into four categories: Sexy, Elegant, Cute, and Funny.
– Aim for diversity in appearance to cater to different client preferences.
Their Special Quality – Some hostesses have unique qualities or behaviors denoted by special icons.
– These qualities can affect their performance and recovery.
Their Salary – Each hostess has her own salary, which gets deducted from your total intake at the end of the night.
– Be mindful of putting highly-paid hostesses in the same line-up.

Pairing The Right Hostess To The Right Customer

Cabaret Club Pick Hostess

When customers arrive and take a seat at one of the six tables, each of them will have a preferred type of hostess. For example, some customers may fancy a cute, talkative girl.

Thankfully, the game simplifies the process of selecting the right hostess for each client. All you have to do is select the customer and scroll through your available hostesses. The customer’s mood will indicate how happy he is with your choice. Look out for smiles if possible!

Alongside mood, the game also reveals how wealthy the customer is. Early in your Cabaret Club career, you’ll encounter lots of “poor” or “average” clients. Naturally, the richer the man, the more generous he will be.

Helping The Hostess

Cabaret Club Help Menu

During a shift, some of your hostesses may ask for help. When this happens, select them to go over to their booth.

Once there, the hostess will perform some sort of hand signal that you need to interpret. Here are the correct responses for each signal:

Signal Meaning
Making an ‘L’ shape with fingers Guest Glass
Making a ‘C’ shape with fingers Ladies Glass
Wringing out an invisible towel Towel
Making a circle with fingers Swap Ashtray
Sticking out her thumb and pinky Refill Ice
Opening up her hands like a book Menu

If you get the response right before the game tells you, you’ll receive a bonus order, the hostess will recover some HP, and the customer’s mood will improve.

Dealing With Trouble

Cabaret Club Trouble Menu

Occasionally, a customer may cause trouble for one of your hostesses. When this happens, you need to defuse the situation personally.

The correct response depends on the customer’s actions:

Customer’s Actions Correct Response
Has got a phone out No Photos
Aggressively gesturing towards the girl No Harassment
Tries to hand her a business card No Scouting
Attempting to feel her breasts No Touching
Raising a fist toward the girl No Violence
Stood up with a bottle and dancing No Noise Pollution

Providing The Check


You’ll receive a notification when a session is finished and a customer is ready to leave. At this point, you have several options depending on how satisfied the customer is with their experience.

For regular customers, you can choose to extend the session, give a gift, say thank you, or apologize. Each option has its own impact on the customer’s mood.

For very satisfied customers, you can go the extra mile by giving an expensive gift, offering a gracious send-off, rewarding the hostess, or praising her. These options have a greater impact but may cost you more.

Fever Gauge

Fever Gauge

During a shift, you’ll notice a bar in the top left corner – that’s the Fever Gauge. As you make money, the bar fills up. Once it reaches at least one segment, you can activate Fever Time.

Fever Time is a special period where every session lasts longer, the hostess’s HP increases, the customer’s mood improves, and more money gets spent. The number of tables impacted depends on the Fever Gauge level. So fill it up for maximum effect!

Recruiting And Managing Hostesses

Kana - Hostess

Hostesses in the Cabaret Club come in four levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Naturally, Platinum girls are the cream of the crop, while Bronze ones have room for improvement.

At the start of the mini-game, you have one Platinum and two Bronze hostesses. It’s essential to expand your roster as soon as possible.

Getting More Hostesses

Cabaret Club Scouting

You can acquire new hostesses through three methods:

  • Scouting: Spend some money to scout talent, but it’s not guaranteed every time.
  • Completing Sub-Stories: Unlock hostesses as rewards after completing specific sub-stories.
  • Progressing In The Cabaret Club Grand Prix: Defeat rival clubs to add their top girls to your team.

Managing Your Hostesses

Hostess Makeover

Most hostesses have set stats, looks, and special qualities. However, you can change the appearance of your Platinum hostesses by using the makeover section in the hostess menu.

Ensure that you cover all bases with your Platinum hostesses by diversifying their appearances. Having a Platinum girl to fit every taste will attract a broader range of clients.

Additionally, you may have the chance to go on dinner dates with your platinum girls. During these dates, you’ll need to fill the love meter by choosing the right dialogue options. The better you perform, the more experience points the girls will receive.

Partnering With Businesses

Potential Business Partners

To increase your club’s fanbase, you can partner with other businesses. The businesses available for partnership depend on your current Cabaret Club Grand Prix league.

Look for unique icons above the establishments in Sotenbori that contain champagne glasses. Approach these businesses and press the prompted button to form a partnership.

Cabaret Club Grand Prix

Cabaret Cup Grand Prix Title Screen

The Cabaret Club mini-game has a thrilling story that unfolds within the Cabaret Club Grand Prix. This competition is divided into four leagues: Fresh League, Paradise League, Executive League, and Millionaire League.

Starting in the Fresh League, your objective is to climb the rankings. The rankings are determined by how much money you earn in a single night. You must aim to surpass the earnings of other clubs.

When you reach the top of a league, you’ll face off against one of your rival’s clubs. This leads to a championship match that can be accessed through the main Cabaret Club menu.

These head-to-head battles aren’t too different from regular shifts, except you need to beat your rival’s earnings. If you emerge victorious, you’ll be promoted to the higher league and continue your journey to conquer them all.

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