Zelda devs too busy with Tears of the Kingdom to copy Elden Ring.

Zelda devs too busy with Tears of the Kingdom to copy Elden Ring.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – A Game Born from Tears of Laughter

Move over, Elden Ring! The Zelda team was so busy working on their own epic adventure, Tears of the Kingdom, that they didn’t even have time to play your game. But don’t worry, they still heard about it!

Elden Ring was Eurogamer’s Game of the Year in 2022.

In an interview with Dutch website NTL Nieuws, Eiji Aonuma and Hidemaro Fujibayashi – the brilliant minds behind Tears of the Kingdom – spilled the beans on how their game came to be.

When asked if they drew any inspiration from Elden Ring, which, by the way, was partly influenced by their own masterpiece Breath of the Wild, Fujibayashi had an interesting response:

“Sorry, but we didn’t really have the chance to play the game. We were too busy bringing Tears of the Kingdom to life! We did hear about it, though.”

But let’s be honest, even if they had time to play Elden Ring or any other game, the Zelda team wouldn’t be copycats. Fujibayashi made it clear that they prefer to blaze their own trail:

“When we make a game, we come up with a general concept and build our new ideas from there,” Fujibayashi explained. “We don’t just recycle ideas from other games.”

Aonuma chimed in, proudly stating that he would never try to incorporate ideas from other games into his own creation:

“Of course, sometimes we unintentionally create something similar to an existing game, but I’m always striving for originality. I’m too proud to borrow ideas from others!”

Aonuma then reminisced about the time he showed the 3D jumping system in A Link Between Worlds to former Nintendo president Iwata. The innovation left Iwata speechless:

“When I showed this to former Nintendo president [Satoru] Iwata, he said he ‘didn’t know this was possible’. That’s the essence of game development for me: discovering things no one else has thought of.”

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In May, Tears of the Kingdom shattered records by selling over 10 million units worldwide in just three days. It became the fastest-selling Zelda release in history! Meanwhile, Elden Ring has also proven to be a massive success, with over 20 million sales since its release in February last year.